Country's Family Reunion Second Generations
4 DVDs 82 minutes / 85 minutes / 90 minutes / 66 minutes PLUS Backstage 90 minutes

Robyn Young Wine Me Up Donnie Hawkins Sunny Side Of The Mountain
Bill Anderson Riverboat Charlie Rich Jr Behind Closed Door
Karen Wheeler I've Been Run Over By That Same Train Before George Hamilton V Abilene
Karen Wheeler I'll Be Your Star Today Phil Campbell Rindecella (Short Story)
Michael Twitty Who Did They Think He Was Harold 'Hawk' Hawkins Boy What A Girl
Jean Shepard Tips Of My Fingers Jett Williams I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You
Second Generation Harmony Singers Be Glad
Melissa Luman Let's Think About Love
Bill Mack Drinking Champagne
Georgette Jones Race Is On

Dean Smith Hey Joe Dean Miller Long Time Leavin'
Jan Howard It's A Lovely Lovely World Dean Miller King Of The Road
Will Reid & Langdon Reid Statler Brothers Song Ronny Robbins Big Iron
Michael Twitty Tight Fittin' Jeans Charlie Rich Jr Most Beautiful Girl In The World
Robyn Young I Miss You Already Shelly West & Jeannie Seely Paper Mansions
Chrystie Wooley Only For You Shelly West Country Sunshine
Jim Ed Brown Catfish John
Georgette Jones Stand By Your Man
Jett Williams Your Cheatin' Heart
George Hamilton V & George Hamilton IV We Will Meet Again

SEATING Alphabetical by Last Name
Bill Anderson Robyn Young [Faron Young] Bill Anderson Langdon Reid
Jeannie Seely Chrystie Wooley [Sheb Wooley] Jim Ed Brown Wil Reid
Bill Mack Ronny Robbins [Marty Robbins] Phil Campbell Donna Rhodes
Karen Wheeler [Onie Wheeler] John Russell [Johnny Russell] Jana King Evans Charlie Rich Jr
Melisa Luman [Bob Luman] Dean Smith [Carl Smith & Goldie Hill] George Hamilton IV Ronny Robbins
Anne Reeves [Del Reeves] Michael Twitty [Conway Twitty] George Hamilton V John Russell
. Shelly West [Dottie West] Donnie Hawkins Jeannie Seely
Charlie Rich Jr [Charlie Rich] Phil Campbell [Archie Campbell] Harold 'Hawk' Hawkins Jean Shepard
Jim Ed Brown . Jan Howard Dean Smith
Jan Howard Dean Miller [Roger Miller] Georgette Jones Michael Twitty
George Hamilton IV Jett Williams [Hank Williams] Sonny Louvin Shelly West
George Hamilton V [George Hamilton IV] Georgette Jones [George Jones & Tammy Wynette] Melisa Luman Karen Wheeler
Jean Shepard Langdon Reid [Don Reid] Bill Mack Jett Williams
. Wil Reid [Harold Reid] Dean Miller Chrystie Wooley
Jana King Evans Sonny Louvin [Charlie Louvin] Craig Morris Robyn Young
Craig Morris Harold 'Hawk' Hawkins [Hawkshaw Hawkins & Jean Shepard] Anne Reeves .
Donna Rhodes [Dusty Rhodes] Donnie Hawkins [Hawkshaw Hawkins & Jean Shepard] . .

Jana King Evans
Craig Morris
Donna Rhodes

Mike Johnson Steel Guitar
Les Singer Acoustic Guitar
Jimmy Capps Electric Guitar
Hank Singer Fiddle
Dirk Johnson Piano
David Smith Bass Guitar
Mark Beckett Drums

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