Country's Family Reunion 2010
12 DVDs [3 Days, 4 DVDs each Day
Day One: 63 minutes / 68 minutes / 63 minutes / 55 minutes
Day Two: 76 minutes / 73 minutes / 81 minutes / 45 minutes
Day Three: 60 minutes / 73 minutes / 67 minutes / 75 minutes

Group Family Reunion Charley Pride Kaw-liga
Johnny Lee Could Have Heard A Heartbreak Jeannie Seely Sentimental Journey
Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius Lyin' In Love With You Jean Shepard Tennessee Waltz
Riders In The Sky Medley/Woody's Roundup/Jessie The Yodeling Cowgirl George Hamilton IV Abilene
Waddie Mitchell Blood Sweat And Steers George Hamilton IV Gasoline
Riders In The Sky Medley/Arms Of My Love/Tumbling Tumbleweeds B J Thomas Another Somebody Did Somebody Wrong Song
Mandy Barnett Crazy
Mandy Barnett Walking The Floor Over You

[Keith Bilbry, Jan Howard, Vince Gill join]
Charlie Louvin Cash On The Barrel Head T Graham Brown I Wish I Could Hurt That Way Again
Charlie Louvin & Melba Montgomery Something To Brag About Barbara Fairchild Nobody Wins
Ray Benson Dance With Who Brung You Jim Ed Brown Barroom Pals And Goodtime Gals
Ray Benson Boogie Back To Texas Billy Dean Somewhere In My Broken Heart
Gary Morris Wind Beneath My Wings Billy Dean Let Them Be Little
Gary Morris Rock Of Ages Bill Anderson & Jan Howard Dis-satisfied
Vince Gill Look At Us Waddie Mitchell For Woody
Vince Gill Which Bridge To Cross Riders In The Sky Happy Trails

SEATING Alphabetical by Last Name
Bill Anderson Doug 'Ranger' Green Norah Lee Allen George Hamilton IV
Jeannie Seely Fred 'Too Slim' LaBour Bill Anderson Jan Howard
Gary Morris Paul 'Woody' Chrisman Mandy Barnett Fred 'Too Slim' LaBour
George Hamilton IV Joey Miskulin Ray Benson Johnny Lee
Larry Butler Helen Cornelius Keith Bilbry Charlie Louvin
T Graham Brown Jim Ed Brown Jim Ed Brown Dennis McCall
. Ray Benson T Graham Brown Waddie Mitchell
Billy Dean Waddie Mitchell Larry Butler Melba Montgomery
Charley Pride . Paul 'Woody' Chrisman Gary Morris
Mandy Barnett Norah Lee Allen Carol Lee Cooper Joey Miskulin
Johnny Lee Carol Lee Cooper Helen Cornelius Charley Pride
Jean Shepard Dennis McCall Billy Dean Jeannie Seely
Barbara Fairchild B J Thomas Barbara Fairchild Jean Shepard
Keith Bilbry Charlie Louvin Vince Gill B J Thomas
Jan Howard Melba Montgomery Doug 'Ranger' Green .
Vince Gill . . .

Whites Pins And Needles John Conlee Miss Emily's Picture
Whites Buck Dancing Jessi Colter I'm Not Lisa
Melba Montgomery No Charge Charley Pride Crystal Chandeliers
Billy Grammer Gotta Travel On Jeannie Seely He's All I Need
Jan Howard Rock Me Back To Little Rock Rhonda Vincent Drivin' Nails In My Coffin
Johnny Lee Pickin' Up Strangers Gene Watson Nothing Sure Looked Good On You
Barbara Fairchild Secret Love Vince Gill Go Rest High On That Mountain
Ray Pillow I Wonder Who's Missing You Now

[Vince Gill departs] [Charley Pride departs]
Les Singer & CFR Band Foggy Mountain Breakdown (for Earl Scruggs) T Graham Brown Come As You Were
Shelly West Paper Mansions Rhonda Vincent & Gene Watson Staying Together
George Hamilton IV Early Morning Rain Bill Anderson Wherever She Is (I Hope She Stays There)
Dan Tyminski Man Of Constant Sorrow Mandy Barnett Baby
[Huge Thunderclap] George Hamilton IV We Will Meet Again
Dan Tyminski Freeborn Man Billy Dean Only Here For A Little While
B J Thomas I Just Can't Help Believing

SEATING Alphabetical by Last Name
Bill Anderson Billy Grammer Bill Anderson Dennis McCall
Jeannie Seely Jim Ed Brown Mandy Barnett Jamie Allen Martin
Jessi Colter Barbara Fairchild Keith Brilby Melba Montgomery
George Hamilton IV Johnny Lee Jim Ed Brown Ray Pillow
Larry Butler Earl Scruggs T Graham Brown Charley Pride
T Graham Brown Dan Tyminski Larry Butler Earl Scruggs
. . Jessi Colter Jeannie Seely
Charley Pride Billy Dean John Conlee Jean Shepard
John Conlee Shelly West Carol Lee Cooper B J Thomas
Mandy Barnett B J Thomas Billy Dean Dan Tyminski
Keith Brilby Ray Pillow Barbara Fairchild Rhoda Vincent
Rhoda Vincent Melba Montgomery Vince Gill Gene Watson
Gene Watson Charlie Louvin Billy Grammer Shelly West
. Dennis McCall George Hamilton IV Buck White
Jean Shepard Carol Lee Cooper Jan Howard Cheryl White
Jan Howard Jamie Allen Martin Johnny Lee Sharon White
Vince Gill . Charlie Louvin .
Sharon White . . .
Cheryl White . . .
Buck White . . .

Moe Bandy Till I'm Too Old To Die Young [Michael Martin Murphey departs] .
Charlie Louvin Wreck On The Highway Duane Allen Sail Away
Melba Montgomery & Charlie Louvin Think I'll Go Somewhere (And Cry Myself To Sleep) Narvel Felts Drift Away
Billy Grammer Plinkin' Plunkin' And Pluggin' Along Jimmy Fortune More Than A Name On The Wall
Michael Martin Murphey Wildfire Ray Pillow Too Many Memories
Michael Martin Murphey Carolina In The Pines Charley Pride She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory
Jim Ed Brown Angel's Sunday Jean Shepard You've Still Got A Place In My Heart
Whites Dust On The Bible

Charley Pride departs]
Jack Greene & Jeannie Seely Waltz Across Texas Johnny Lee Hey Bartender
Jack Greene Last Letter Moe Bandy Hank Williams You Wrote My Life
Rhonda Vincent Once A Day John Conlee Old School
Jan Howard I Wish That I Could Love That Much Again Navel Felts Somebody Hold Me
T Graham Brown Just A Closer Walk With Thee Shelly West Flight 309 To Tennessee
Jimmy C Newman Fallen Star Jimmy Fortune Too Much On My Heart
Little David Wilkins Georgia Keeps Pulling On My Ring Whtes Doin' It By The Book
Helen Cornelius Banks Of The Ohio
Stonewall Jackson I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water
Gene Waton Paper Rosie

SEATING Alphabetical by Last Name
Bill Anderson Billy Grammer Duane Allen Johnny Lee
Jeannie Seely Little David Wilkins Norah Lee Allen Charlie Louvin
Jack Greene Jean Shepard Bill Anderson Dennis McCall
Charley Pride Johnny Lee Moe Bandy Melba Montgomery
Navel Felts Moe Bandy Keith Brilby Michael Martin Murphey
Larry Butler Jim Ed Brown Jim Ed Brown Jimmy C Newman
T Graham Brown . T Graham Brown Ray Pillow
. Keith Brilby Larry Butler Charley Pride
Jimmy Fortune Shelly West John Conlee Jeannie Seely
Helen Cornelius Duane Allen Carol Lee Cooper Jean Shepard
Rhonda Vincent Ray Pillow Helen Cornelius Rhonda Vincent
John Conlee Melba Montgomery Navel Felts Gene Waton
Jimmy C Newman Charlie Louvin Jimmy Fortune Shelly West
Gene Waton Dennis McCall Billy Grammer Little David Wilkins
Stonewall Jackson Carol Lee Cooper Jack Greene Buck White
Michael Martin Murphey Norah Lee Allen Jan Howard Cheryl White
Jan Howard . Stonewall Jackson Sharon Whte
Sharon Whte . . .
Cheryl White . . .
Buck White . . .

Dennis McCall
Norah Lee Allen
Carol Lee Cooper

Mike Johnson Steel Guitar
Les Singer Acoustic Guitar
Jimmy Capps Electric Guitar
Hank Singer Fiddle
Dirk Johnson Piano
David Smith Bass Guitar
John Gardner Drums

Alphabetical by Last Name
Duane Allen [Day 3] Fred 'Too Slim' LaBour [Day 1]
Norah Lee Allen [Day 1] Johnny Lee [All 3 Days]
Bill Anderson [All 3 Days] Charlie Louvin [All 3 Days]
Moe Bandy [Day 3] Dennis McCall [Day 1]
Mandy Barnett [Days1&2] Joey Miskulin [Day 1]
Ray Benson [Day 1] Waddie Mitchell [Day 1]
Keith Bilbry [All 3 Days] Melba Montgomery [All 3 Days]
Jim Ed Brown [All 3 Days] Gary Morris [Day 1]
T Graham Brown [All 3 Days] Michael Martin Murphey [Day 3]
Larry Butler [All 3 Days] Jimmy C Newman [Day 3]
Paul 'Woody' Chrisman [Day 1] Ray Pillow [Days 2&3]
Jessi Colter [All 3 Days] Charley Pride [All 3 Days]
Carol Lee Cooper [Day 1] Earl Scruggs [Day 2]
Helen Cornelius [Days 1&3] Jeannie Seely [All 3 Days]
Billy Dean [Days 1&2] Jean Shepard [All 3 Days]
Barbara Fairchild [Days 1&2] B J Thomas [Days 1&2]
Navel Felts [Day 3] Dan Tyminski [Day 2]
Jimmy Fortune [Day 3] Rhoda Vincent [Days 2&3]
Vince Gill [Days 1&2] Gene Watson [Days 2&3]
Billy Grammer [Days 2&3] Shelly West [Days 2&3]
Doug 'Ranger Doug' Green [Day 1] Buck White [Days 2&3]
Jack Greene [Day 3] Cheryl White [Days 2&3]
George Hamilton IV [Days 1&2] Sharon White [Days 2&3]
Jan Howard [All 3 Days] Little David Wilkins [Day 3]
Stonewall Jackson [Day 3] .

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