March 18, 2016 - The last of the 2015 cards have been listed, 3022 cards, 86 Rookie cards, 182 Main cards.
September 2014, finished 2013 and added 2014 & 2015 releases through August 2015. Still need to go back through all sets double checking and correcting counts.
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I have put many many hours into compiling the information and decided to share it will all other collectors.
I would appreciate knowing if you have a link to this information.
This information is not to be used for any commercial purpose without my permission.

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Note: there are cards on these lists where confirmation is needed that they are indeed Viking cards.
If you have information on these cards please email me, thanks.
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The lists of Minnesota Viking Football Cards was compiled using information from Beckett, Tuff Stuff,
the card producing companies and over the years inputs from other Viking card collectors.
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With many hours of research I have compiled a list of players who at one time were either on the active roster, the practice squad
or signed a contract with the Vikings and were later cut. It is this list of names I have used to find out if the cards could be Vikings.
To view the list click on the name: All Time Minnesota Vikings
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From 1961 to 1985 there were never more than 100 cards in a year.
From 1989 on the card count soared, a plethora of cards, in 2008 there were by my count 4,195 different cards. On the lists there are 52,922 cards, 9,930 Main Set cards, 24,597 Parallel cards, 17,896 Insert cards and 499 Minor sets or items. 2,090 of the cards are Rookie cards.
Vikings cards over the years
There are 7,750 cards where the issued count was 4 or less, which for Viking cards started in 1997.
Adrian Peterson has the most Viking cards, 5,830.

There are numerous cards of Players who never played a down for the Vikings, John David Booty being a good example.
He never played a down for any team but has 1,137 Viking cards!!

Any and All Corrections, Additions, Deletions, Comments, or Suggestions will be Welcomed and greatly appreciated,
this list is for ALL Vikings Card Collectors.
You can send me an email by clicking here.
Hopefully, with inputs from other collectors, the lists will be as accurate as possible for anyone who wishes to use them.
What is a Viking card?
In the lists on this web site I determined that as long as the card states "Minnesota Vikings" it is a Vikings card despite what uniform the player is wearing. I am working on a separate listing for cards where the player is still wearing a Viking's uniform but the card reflects the name of the team he has joined since leaving the Vikings.
I have included in the lists some cards issued as college cards, either before the player joined the Vikings or was issued after his career was over IF the player was either drafted by the Vikings or a long time Vikings player. Caveat - I have not included on these pages all of the Upper Deck cards after 2009 when they lost their NFL license and stared producing College cards. Maybe someday or if someone wants to do the research and send me the list.
In the year when a player becomes a Viking or leaves the Vikings to join another team, unless you have the card in hand there is no way to determine if that card should be on the list or not.
Beckett, the main source for this list, has numerous errors in their listings, I have notified them of more than one hundred mistakes where they have cards listed as Vikings but the player never was under contract with the Vikes and vice/versa cards that should be Vikings but are not listed as such. When was Ben Roethlisberger a Viking? I notified them of around 12 cards with this error, they fixed most but as of this posting there are still 5 that show Ben is a Viking card. Matter of fact they haven't responded about any of the corrections. Strange, maybe they are busy but one would think they would at least acknowledge the notifications.
There may be more cards on these lists that shouldn't be. If you have proof of a card that should be added or removed please email me and I will get the list corrected for everyone.
Just the Main cards Cards from the MAIN sets
Just the Rookie cards: By Year & Set Click Here Rookie Cards
Alphabetical by Last Name Click Here Alfa Rookie Cards

By Year:
1961-1969 1970-1979 1980-1989 1990-1991 1992
1993 1994 1995 1996 1997
1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
2013 2014 2015 . .

Players with less than 50 cards.

Players with more than 50 cards.
Derrick Alexander DE Rufus Alexander Jared Allen Terry Allen Aundrae Allison Matt Asiata
Anthony Barr Hank Baskett Michael Bennett Bernard Berrian John David Booty Todd Bouman
Teddy Bridgewater Joey Browner Nate Burleson Stephen Burton Kelly Campbell Anthony Carter
Cris Carter Matt Cassell Doug Chapman Greg Childs T J Clemmings Duane Clemons
Chris Cook Roger Craig Scott Crichton Daunte Culpepper Randall Cunningham DaVaris Daniels
Jack Del Rio Stefon Diggs Chris Doleman Carl Eller Rhett Ellison Antone Exum
Ciatrick Fason Brett Favre Sharrif Floyd Chuck Foreman Dustin Fox Rich Gannon
Jeff George Toby Gerhart Chad Greenway Everson Griffen Cedric Griffin Percy Harvin
Matthew Hatchette Taylor Heinicke E J Henderson Erin Henderson Taurean Henderson Leroy Hoard
Chris Hovan Keenan Howry Danielle Hunter Steve Hutchinson Qadry Ismail Tarvaris Jackson
Erasmus James Greg Jennings Brad Johnson Ian Johnson Jaymar Johnson Tyrell Johnson
Steve Jordan Matt Kalil Eric Kendricks Jim Kleinsasser Tommy Kramer Paul Krause
Carl Lee J Lehman Zach Line Wendell Mathis Chad May Marcus McCauley
Ed McDaniel Randall McDaniel Hugh McElhenny Bryant McKinnie Jerick McKinnon Donovan McNabb
Mike Merriweather Keith Millard Warren Moon Mewelde Moore Randy Moss Martin Nance
Alan Page David Palmer Cordarrelle Patterson Adrian Peterson Christian Ponder MyCole Pruitt
John Randle Jake Reed Faud Reveiz Darius Reynaud Xavier Rhodes Sidney Rice
Antonio Richardson Josh Robinson Marcus Robinson Dwayne Rudd Kyle Rudolph Darrion Scott
Darren Sharper Visanthe Shiancoe Harrison Smith Ontarrio Smith Robert Smith Rodney Smith
Todd Steussie James A Stewart Fran Tarkenton Chester Taylor Travis Taylor Dontarrious Thomas
Henry Thomas Orlando Thomas Kenechi Udeze Bobby Wade Herschel Walker Mike Wallace
Troy Walters DeWayne Washington Trae Waynes Joe Webb Kevin Williams Moe Williams
Pat Williams Troy Williamson Wade Wilson Antoine Winfield Jarius Wright David Yankey
Ron Yary Gary Zimmerman . . . .

March 9, 2014 Added type of card, Main, Parallel, Insert and Minor.
Added pages listing ALL Football cards from 1961 through 2013
and indentifying which sets have Viking Cards.

1961 through 1999
2000 through 2005
2006 through 2008
2009 through 2010
2011 through 2013

Re-checked 1961 through 2007 making changes as necessary. Still need to Re-check 2008 through 2013.
In the future, time permitting, need to go through it all one more time doing further corrections.

January 19, 2014 added the page of players who at one time have been Minnesota Vikings.
Major corrections/additions/deletions posted January 4, 2014.

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Creating this list is a complicated process.

Although I use many sources to create this list my primary source of information is from Beckett; the Beckett Football Card Monthly magazines, Beckett's annual Football Card Price Guide, and Beckett online - Interactive Checklists, Price Guides and New Release Pricing. (Beckett Online is well worth the price if you are a serious collector).

There are several problems with the three Beckett sources. As Beckett gathers information they make changes to the three sources at different time intervals. Changes can be any number of corrections to a checklist, adding, dropping or changing a players name, changes in serial numbering or even changing the name of a set or insert set. As the quantity of sets released has become larger it is becoming more difficult for Beckett to publish ALL the information.

In the monthly a good many of the sets released in years back are not published due to lack of interest.

In the annual instead of listing each and every set and insert set they now cover many of the parallel sets either with just a header line or by mentioning it in the paragraph describing the main set. It takes a great deal of time reading each and every set description in order to decipher the information. Annual #30 is 815 pages, 7 columns to a page, approximately 140 lines in each column. That is over 900 items per page! The print is so small us old farts need a magnifying glass.

Changes to the online information do not occur in the same time frame as changes made in the monthly publication or at the time the annual is released. When changes have been made they do not indicate that the information has changed with a revision date or number. The only way to discover the changes is by comparing a list you have been using as your source to the current information posted. Another problem is finding a list that has been posted online and in checking back later finding the entire set (usually an insert set) is no longer listed.

I am not criticizing Beckett for the way the information is published, far be it, I can imagine what a difficult task it is. They glean information from card companies on what a set consists of only to find out that the actual release has been changed in any number of ways. Keeping track of hundreds of thousands of cards is a monstrous task. They could make the task a little easier for us card collectors if they could find some way to indicate that a list has changed since the last time it was published. In the case of both the monthly and the annual this would involve using more lines therefore increasing the size of the publication and of course thereby increasing the cost so I can understand why this is not done. The online information is a different story, here I do not understand why they can't indicate changes by either a revision number or letter and/or by showing a date indicating the last time a change was made to the list. Or, to even make it easier for the collector, not only have a revision indicator but also at the bottom of the list indicate what the change(s) were. In the case where an entire list is pulled from the web site leave a page explaining the set was never released, either that or don't post the list(s) until the final product is on the market.

In using the online checklists the sets do not list every player on multiple player cards. The older Topps checklists simply list a card as Vikings Team Leaders. In such cases one has to refer back to the annual or download the checklists for every player who ever played for the Vikings in order to ascertain which players were on the card.

Another example is when a card was issued with more than one player the checklists in many cases only list one of the players names. An example of this is the checklist for 1994 Ted Williams POG Cards. Number 7 is listed as Dick (Night Train) Lane, all 18 of the cards in this set were issued with two players or coaches on each card. Number 7 is Dick (Night Train) Lane AND Carl Eller.

Abbreviations are used quite often in the online checklists such as Wstbr,Crtr,Brn,Rce (deciphered this is Michael Westbrook, Cris Carter, Tim Brown and Jerry Rice). This can be real fun when the abbreviations are for rookies whose names you are not familiar with.

And then there is ferreting out the extra information, what does "G" stand for in the listings, Gold, Green, or some other information?
Best pull we ever had was a box of 2000 Pacific Vanguard cards, where I pulled Cris Carter/Randy Moss Game Worn Jersey Dual Patches hand numbered 15 of 25 from one pack and my wife pulled Cris Carter Game Worn Jerseys from another pack.
Background picture of cards, without the fade 1961 - 2007 Topps plus, fronts and backs.
In-as-much as I am one of the world's greatest procrastinators maybe one of these days I will get around to listing the thousands of extra Viking cards I have accumulated which I would be happy to trade (or sell) with other Viking card collectors.


For a list of Players who have been Minnesota Vikings at some time in their careers CLICK HERE: Viking Players

For information on Vikings Draft Choices and known Trades involving Viking Players CLICK HERE: Viking Drafts

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