Tom T Hall Discography

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In surfing the web looking for information on songs Tom T Hall recorded I have found many sites that have bits and pieces. Sites that sell CDs gives one the current items available. eBay listings of older record albums or CDs and occasionally singles is another source of information. Thanks to Phil Watson for providing information to make the site better.

I found there are some sites that have a fairly good listing of Tom T's work. They are:

Discography of Tom T Hall , compilled by Praguefrank

Discography of Tom T Hall , click on the blue song titles and you get the lyrics.

Tom T Hall Official Web Site

The Authorized Tom T Hall Page

Tom T Hall My Space Page

LP Discography Covers & Lyrics
(used to be Luma)
List of albums, some listing songs, pictures of the covers, the best web site for a listing of singles, and now they have started adding lyrics. The best Country Music site on the web. Notice - you can look at the discography for free but they now charge to look at the covers and lyrics page.

Excellent site for discussing all "Country Music from the 40's through the 70's". Ask 'em a question, if Larry Davis doesn't have the answer, you'll get an answer from someone else!

Hillbilly Music Group
Good site for discussing "Hillbilly Music"

All Music Guide
Bio and list of albums, compilations, appeared on, and not much on Singles. Clicking on any of the albums brings up a window with information on that album, some with reviews. Problem with this site is they do not list the original releases instead listing the reissue CD

French (?) site - List of singles & albums

German Site with Discography.

Joe Sixpack
San Francisco Bay Area DJ, Joe Sixpack - Discography, some covers.

Music Stack - Records for sale, some track listings and photos.

Gemm - Site with listing of records for sale
Minimal track information or pictures.

Other sites I have on the net:

Home Page
George Jones Discography
Slim Dusty Discography
Maddox Bros & Rose and Rose Maddox Discography.
Billie Jo SpearsDiscography.
Lacy J. Dalton Discography.
Gaither Homecoming Videos
Country Music Magazines and Journal of Country Music

Other discographies I have done are at HOME PAGE

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