Slim Dusty mentioned in lyrics

Are You Sure Slim Done It This Wayby Neil Buttsworth
Ballad of Slim Dusty Theby Trev Warner & Anne Kirkpatrick
Dusty's Denby Stan Coster
Family Reunionby Slim Dusty Family
First Lady Of Country Theby Graham Rodger
Flying With The Kingby Lee Kernaghan
Ghost Of Slim Dustyby Bob Varty
Hank Lefty Slim Dusty & Meby Hank Sasaki
He Kept It All Australianby Warren Mahoney
I Never Met Slim Dustyby Andy Glandt
Joy And Slimby Anita Ree
Just Like Slimby Jordan Garner
King Dustyby Col Edmonds
King Of Countryby Wave Jackson
Livin' In The Shadow (Of The Slim Dusty Sign)by Neil Buttsworth
Missin' Slimby Lee Kernaghan & Colin Buchanan
Night Slim Dusty Played in My Hometownby Steve Grace
Not So Dusty Anymoreby John Battle
Old Purpleby David Kirkpatrick
Old Slim Dusty Hat Theby Nathan Charlton
One Of A Kindby Anne Kirkpatrick
Slim Dusty I Salute Youby Bryan Watkins
Slim Dusty Styleby Frank Sargent
Slim Dusty Tributeby Keith Jamieson
Slim Dusty You're A Legendby Alec Beckett
Slim You've Done Us Proudby Nathan Charlton
So Long Slimby Bluey Francis
Tribute To Slim Dustyby Ernie Bridge
Tribute To Slim Dusty Aby Harry Early
We Miss You Slimby Mal Podmore

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