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1930's Decca Hillbilly Series

20 Of The Best
RCA NL89525 (Ger)

75 Classic Cowboy Ballads

75th Anniversary
CD Baby 375614

Best Of The The
RCA Victor ANL1-3468

Best Of The The
RCA Victor LPM/LSP-3476e

Blue Prairie The U. S. Treasury Guest Star Shows
Texas Moon BCG-1003

Celebrated Sons of the Pioneers (1955-59)
Audiophonic ASOP050701

Silver Spur S583/LP

Centennial Collection
Varese Fontana 067118

Cigareets Whusky... And Cool Cool Water
ASV Living Era [UK] CD AJA-5421

Cigareets Whusky...And Cool Cool Water
United States of Distribution 1718

Classic Cowboy Songs
Varese Sarabande 066737

Classic Western Harmony..Vol.1

Classic Western Harmony..Vol.2

Columbia Historic Edition
Columbia 37439

Cool Water
RCA Victor LPM/LSP-2118

Cool Water
RCA 126051

Cool Water
RCA EPA 5116

Cool Water
Bear Family [GER] BFX-15202

Cool Water
RCA 126051

Country & Western Memories
Pair PCD2-1298

Country Fare
RCA Victor LPM/LSP-2855

Country Legends
RCA 60613-2 RCA

Country Music Hall Of Fame (Recorded 1934-1954)
MCA 10090

Country-Western Songbook
RCA Victor ANL1-2332

Cowboy Classics
RCA EPB 3032 (double EP)

Cowboy Classics (10' LP)
RCA Victor LPM-3032

Cowboy Country
Bear Family [GER] BFX-15071

Cowboy Hymns And Spirituals
RCA EPB 3095

Cowboy Hymns And Spirituals (10' LP)
RCA Victor LPM-3095

Cowboy Jubilee (Featuring Rex Allen)
Texas Moon BCG-1005

Decca/Coral (Recorded 1934-41)

Double Barrel Country
Madacy 5335

Down Memory Trail With Sons Of The Pioneers LP (CD released 11/2/2010)
Reader's Digest RB7-137

Down Memory Trail With Sons Of The Pioneers LP (CD released 11/2/2010)
Reader's Digest RB7-137

Down Memory Trail With The Sons Of The Pioneers
RCA Victor LPM/LSP-2957

Empty Saddles

Essential Collection
Varese Sarabande 066439

Essential Collection Cool Water
Dynamic 3553

Essential Collection The (Transcriptions)
Soundies SCD-4147

Famous Country Music Makers
Sanctuary 928057

Favorite Cowboy Songs
RCA Victor LPM-1130

Favorite Cowboy Songs Vol.1

Favorite Cowboy Songs Vol.2

Favorite Cowboy Songs Vol.3

Garden Of Roses
There were 2 versions, one with 4 songs the other with 6

Ghost)Riders In The Sky
Bear Family [GER] BFX-15254

Good Old Country Music
Delta 6095

Good Ole Country Music
Camden CAL-723

Greatest Hits Collector's Edition

Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs
Texas Moon (from RCA masters) NEED LABEL #

How Great Thou Art
RCA EPB 1431

How Great Thou Art
RCA Victor LPM-1431

How Great Thou Art & Other Cowboy Spirituals
Texas Moon (from RCA masters) NEED LABEL #

Hundred And Sixty Acres A
Bear Family [GER] BFX-15253

In The Beginning. Volume 1 (Recorded Standard Radion Transcriptions 1934 -1935)
Cowgirlboy [GER] LP-5013

In The Beginning. Volume 2 (Transcriptions)
Cowgirlboy [GER] LP-5014

Land Beyond The Sun
Bear Family [GER] BFX-15255

Legendary Songs Of America's Golden West
Suffolk DML10586

Legendary Sons Of The Pioneers Vol. 1 (recorded ca 1942)
Cattle [GER] LP-3

Legendary Sons Of The Pioneers Vol. 2 (recorded ca 1942)
Cattle [GER] LP-4

Legendary Sons Of The Pioneers Vol. 3 (1956)
Cattle [GER] LP-21

Legendary Sons Of The Pioneers Vol. 4 (1955-1959)
Cattle [GER] LP-36

Legendary Sons Of The Pioneers Vol. 5 (1934-1935)
Cattle [GER] LP-55

Legendary Sons Of The Pioneers Vol. 6 (1934-1935)
Cattle [GER] LP-56

Lets Go West
Jasmine 8836022

Let's Go West Again (Recorded 1947-57)
RCA Victor AYM1-4092

Live at the Lucky U Ranch
Texas Moon BCG-1004

Lost Masters-Sons of the Pioneers Trio - Ken Curtis & Ranch Hands
Pioneer Music XXX

Lucky U Ranch
Audiophonic ASOP051030

Lucky U Ranch Days (1952) (Transcriptions)
Cowgirlboy [GER] LP-5132

Lucky U Ranch Radio Broadcasts 1951-53 (Transcriptions)
AFM AFM-701 (Also JEFM 2201 1986)

Lure Of The West
RCA Victor LPM/LSP-2356

Memories of the Lucky U Ranch
Jasmine 3089550

Memories of the Range Standard Radio
Bear Family (Germany) 16104

My Saddle Pals And I
Proper BOX87

One Man's Songs
RCA Victor LPM-1483

Our Best To You
PickAway PO199

Our Men Out West
RCA Victor LPM/LSP-2603

Radio Transcriptions Vol 5 (1934-1935)
Outlaw CSR-5

Radio Transcriptions Vol. 1 (recorded ca 1942)
Outlaw CSR-7

Radio Transcriptions Vol. 2 (recorded ca 1942)
Outlaw CSR-8

Radio Transcriptions Vol. 3 (1956)
Outlaw CSR-9

Radio Transcriptions Vol. 4 (1955-1959)
Outlaw CSR-10

Radio Transcriptions Vol. 6 (1934-1935)
Outlaw CSR-6

Ranch Radio Broadcasts vol. 2 (Transcriptions)
AFM 741 Lucky U

RCA Country Legends
RCA 750223

Republic Years
Varese Sarabande 066753

Riders In The Sky (Most songs recorded between 1947-53)
RCA Camden ADL2-0336

Room Full Of Roses (Most songs recorded between 1947-1953)
RCA Camden CAL-587

Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Sons of the Pioneers
Delta Camden XXX

Roy Rogers & Sons of the Pioneers
Timeless/Traditions Alive
Suspect the "ONLY"s are Roy Rogers solos

San Antonio Rose
Delta 6097
San Antonio Rose And Other Country Favorites (Released as CD 05/14/96)
RCA Camden CAL/CAS-2205

RCA DVL2-0247

Sing Cowboy Classics
Texas Moon Records/Sony BMG XXX

Sing Fred Rose
RCA EPA 4218

Sing Hymns Of The Cowboy
RCA Victor LPM/LSP-2652

Sing Hymns Of The Cowboy
RCA Victor ANL1-2808

Sing the Stephen Foster Songbook
Varese Fontana 067022

Sing Western Favorites

Songs Of Reverence

Songs Of The Hills And Plains (Transcriptions)

Songs of the Hills and the Plains Vol 1
Pioneer Music 7224

Songs of the Hills and the Plains Vol 2
Pioneer Music 7226

Songs of the Hills and the Plains Vol. 3
Pioneer Music 7223

Songs Of The Prairie (complete Standard Radio Transriptions 1934-35)
Bear Family 15710

Songs Of The Trail
Pair PDL2-1217

Songs of the West Volume Three
Rhino / Wea 71451

Sons Of The Pioneers
Fuel 2000

Sons Of The Pioneers
Max Cat XXX

Sons Of The Pioneers & Friends In The Studio The
Cowgirlboy [GER] LP-5088

Sons Of The Pioneers And Friends The
Bear Family [GER] BFX-15282

Sons Of The Pioneers' Best
Harmony HL-7317

Sons Of The Pioneers In 1942 The (Transcriptions)
Danny [GER] SP-7907

Sons Of The Pioneers Sing Campfire Favorites The
RCA Victor LPM/LSP-3714

Sons Of The Pioneers Sing Legends Of The West The
RCA Victor LPM/LSP-3351

Sons Of The Pioneers Sing Songs Of Bob Nolan
RCA Victor LPM/LSP-3554

South Of The Border
RCA Victor LPM/LSP-3964

South of the Border
Sony BMG A713332

Sunset On The Range
Pair 1156

Symphonies Of The Sage (Chicago 1940) (Transcriptions)
Bloodshot 20808

Teardrops In My Heart
Bear Family [GER] BFX-15252

Teleway Transcriptions
Soundies 4105

There's A Gold Mine In The Sky
Bear Family [GER] BFX-15283

Trail Dust
RCA Victor LPM/LSP-2737

Tumbleweed Trail
RCA Victor LPM/LSP-2456

Tumbleweed Trails (most songs recorded for Decca in 40's
Vocalion VL-3715/VL-73715

Tumbleweed Trails (most songs recorded for Decca in 40's

Tumbling Tumbleweed
MCA MCAD-22091

Tumbling Tumbleweeds
RCA LPC 103 (33 RPM)

Tumbling Tumbleweeds
RCA Victor LSP-4119

Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Good Music DMC1-0790

Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Country Stars 55454

Tumbling Tumbleweeds: RCA Victor Years Vol 1
RCA 9744-1-R/9744-2-R

Ultimate Collection
Hip-O 112815

Under Western Skies
Varese Vintage 302 066653-2

Very Best of
Beautiful Music NEED LABEL #

Very Best Of
RCA Special Products DMC1-1191/Heartland Music HD-2010

Very Best of
Goldenlane XXX

Very Best Of The Sons Of The Pioneers The
RCA Special Products DMC1-1044

Visit The South Seas The
RCA Victor LSP-4194

Wagons West
RCA Camden CAL-413

Wagons West: Complete Recordings 1945-1954 [Box set]
Bear Family [GER] BCD-15640

Way Out There The Complete Commercial Recordings 1934-1943
Bear Family 16389

Way Out West
Country Music Foundation CMF-003

Western Classics
RCA EPB 3162

Western Classics (10' LP)
RCA Victor LPM-3162
Western Country
Granite GS-1007

Western Country
Attic LAT 1020

Western Harmony And Hot Swing Vol. 1
BACM [UK[ CD D 078

Western Harmony And Hot Swing Vol. 2
BACM [UK[ CD D 079

Western Hymns and Spirituals
Varese Sarabande 066899-2

Westward Ho!
RCA Victor PRM-108

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