Songs recorded by George Jones

Including Songwriter(s)

The list includes songs recorded as Radio or Demo but does not include songs recorded in Live Performances

X in the second column indicates same song recorded for different companies

Z in the second column indicates same song recorded but with different artists

Song TitleRecorded ForDate Reld Songwriter(s)

4th Of July w Shooter Jennings & Faith Evans & Jessi Colter & Hank Williams JrUniversal South1/1/07Shooter Jennings/Waylon Albright
50000 NamesBNA10/2/01Jamie O'Hara

Accidentally On PurposeXMercury2/8/60Darrell Edwards/George Jones
Accidentally On PurposeXMusicor1/1/67Darrell Edwards/George Jones
Aching Breaking HeartMercury1/6/62Rick Hall
Afraid w Melba MontgomeryU A9/10/66Fred Rose
After Closing Time w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/71Billy Sherrill/Norro Wilson/Danny Walls
After I Sing All My Songs w Merle HaggardEpic4/12/82Leona Williams
After The Fire Is Gone w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/73L E White
After YouMusicor1/1/72Chestnut
Ain't It Funny What A Fool Will DoU A6/22/63George Jones/Johnny Mathis
Ain't Love A Lot Like ThatAsylum1/1/94Collie/Miller
Ain't Love Been Good w Tammy WynetteEpic7/27/74Earl Montgomery/George Jones
Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me (When I'm Gone)Epic1/1/76Lester Flatt
Ain't Nothin' Shakin' (But The Leaves)Musicor1/1/66Cluck/Colacrai/Fontaine/Lampert
Ain't Your Memory Got No Pride At AllEpic1/1/78Jones/Lane/Porter
Alabama w Melba MontgomeryU A11/12/07Ira Louvin/Charlie Louvin
All Fall Down w Emmylou HarrisEpic1/1/84Ron Peterson/Harlan Howard
All I Have To Offer You (Is Me)ZMusicor1/1/70Frazier/Owens
All I Have To Offer You Is Me w Tammy WynetteZMCA6/20/95Frazier/Owens
All I Want To DoMercury4/29/57George Jones
All I Want To Do In Life w Janie FrickeEpic1/1/84S Mason Theoret/A Reynolds
All My Friends Are Gonna Be StrangersXMusicor1/1/66Liz Anderson
All My Friends Are Gonna Be StrangersXBandit10/24/06Liz Anderson
All Our Favorite Songs - unissuedEpicNAEarl Montgomery/Tammy Wynette
All That We've Got Left w Vern GosdinEpic1/1/89Buddy Cannon/Vern Gosdin/Russell Smith
All The PraisesEpic1/1/72Carmol Taylor/Jenny Strickland
Almost PersuadedXMusicor1/1/67Billy Sherrill/Glen Sutton
Almost PersuadedXEpic8/1/83Billy Sherrill/Glen Sutton
Along Came Jones w Johnny PaycheckEpic5/26/79Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller
Along Came YouMusicor1/1/65George Jones
Am I Losing Your Memory Or MineEpic7/4/00Gary S Burr/Gary Nicholson
Am I That Easy To ForgetMusicor1/1/67Carl Belew/Stevenson
Amazing GraceXEpic1/1/73John Newton
Amazing GraceXBandit4/1/03John Newton
Amazing Grace w Wesley Pritchard & Regie & Lady Love Smith & Brittany AllenZSpring House8/19/08John Newton
Among The FewMusicor1/1/72Jerry Chesnut
And They Sang w Ernie Couch & RevivalNURI1/1/07Ernie Couch
Angel Band w Vestal GoodmanZPamplin1/17/06Rev. Jefferson Hascall/William B. Bradbury
Angel Band w Ralph Stanley & Vince GillZFreeland3/23/93Rev. Jefferson Hascall/William B. Bradbury
Angels Don't FlyMCA10/15/91John Fountain/Will Webb
Another Way To Say GoodbyeEpic1/1/72Chapel
Any Old TimeTops1/1/56Rogers
Apartment No. 9Musicor1/1/67Bobby Austin/Johnny Paycheck
Are You Mine w Margie SingletonMercury8/3/63Don Grashey
Around HereBNA10/2/01Richard Fagan/Jeff Moore
As Long As I LiveZMusicor5/1/68Alex Zanetis
As Long As I Live w Gene PitneyZMusicor1/1/65Roy Acuff
As Long As We Can w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/74NEED

Baby You've Got What It Takes w Margie SingletonMercury1/1/62Murray Stein/Clyde Otis/Brook Benton
Baby There's Nothing Like YouEpic3/22/75George Jones/Earl Montgomery
Back Down To Hung Up On YouMCA11/1/96Dean Dillon/Larry Butler
Back Into My Baby's Arms AgainXMusicor1/1/66Frazier/Owens
Back Into My Baby's Arms AgainXRadioFrazier/Owens
Baptism Of Jesse Taylor TheEpic1/1/73Dallas Frazier/Sanger DShafer
Barbara JoyMusicor1/1/69E Noack
Bartender's Blues w James TaylorZEpic1/7/78James Taylor
Bartender's Blues w Trisha YearwoodZMCA10/11/94James Taylor
Bartender's Blues w w Ricky Headley & Tom T HallZXXX1/1/09?James Taylor
Battle Of LoveMercury6/5/61Geroge Jones/Darrell Edwards
Battle TheEpic2/7/76Kimball/Richey/Wilson
Beacon In The NightU A4/15/62Darrell Edwards/H Treece
Beer Bait And AmmoXXX6/6/06Kevin Fowler
Beer Run (B Double E Double Are You In) w Garth BrooksBNA10/2/01Kieth Anderson/Kent Blazy/George Ducas/Amanda Williams/Kim Williams
Before I Met YouMercury1/1/57Joe Lewis/Charles L Seitz/Elmer Rader
Beggar To A KingU A1/1/62Richardson
Belly Button Song w Sheb WooleySunbird1/1/81Buck A Moore/Bill E Taylor/Sheb Wooley
Beneath Still WatersMusicor1/1/69Dallas Frazier
Best Friends w Leona WilliamsEpic1/1/84Hank Cochran/L Williams
Best Guitar PickerU A1/1/62Clement
Between My House And TownMusicor2/3/68S D Shafer
Big Beaver (Instr)ZU A1/1/62Bob Wills
Big Beaver (Instr) w Tanya Tucker & Texas PlayboysZCommon Ground1/1/05Bob Wills
Big Fool Of The YearU A9/1/62Justin Tubb
Big Harlan TaylorMercury10/19/59Roger Miller
Big Job w Gene PitneyMusicor10/2/65Hank Mills
Billy B. BadMCA11/1/96Bobby Braddock
Billy Ray Wrote A SongEpic1/1/76Hank Cochran/Martin
Bird TheEpic11/1/87Knutson/Owens
Blame It On Texas w Mark Chesnutt
George does the spoken introduction
XXX1/1/91Ronnie Rogers/Mark Wright
Blindfold Of LoveMusicor1/1/66Dallas Frazier/C Selman
Blue Jean Friend - unissuedEpicNAEarl Montgomery/George Jones
Blue Moon Of Kentucky w Melba MontgomeryU A3/1/64Bill Monroe
Blue Side Of LonesomeMusicor1/1/66Leon Payne
Blues Man The w Dolly PartonBandit9/13/05Hank Williams Jr
Boat Of LifeStarday8/11/56George Jones/Burl Stephens
Bone DryEpic1/1/80Devaney/Linde
Boogie Woogie Mexican BoyStarday1/1/57?George Jones
Book Of MemoriesU A1/1/64B Austin
Born With The Blues w Merle HaggardBandit10/24/06Merle Haggard
Borrowed AngelEpic1/1/74Street
Bottle Let Me Down TheMCA10/27/92Merle Haggard
Bridge Washed Out TheMusicor1/1/66J Louis/M Melshee/S Smith
Bring On The ClownsEpic1/1/75Jones/Sherril/Wynette
Bringin' It HomeMusicor1/1/67Dallas Frazier
Brother To The BluesEpic9/1/80Rowell
Brothers Of A BottleMusicor3/20/71Leon Payne
Brothers w Merle HaggardEpic11/10/82Dave Kirby
Brown To BlueU A12/19/64George Jones/Johnny Mathis/V Frank
Bubbles In My BeerU A1/1/62Duncan/Walker/Wills
Bull Mountain LadEpic1/1/77B Emerson/J Emerson
Burn The Honky Tonk DownMusicor1/1/71Wayne Kemp
Burning BridgesEpic1/1/83Scott
BustedBandit9/13/05Harlan Howard

C.C. Waterback w Merle HaggardEpic4/12/82Merle Haggard
Call The Wrecker For My HeartEpic1/1/85Randolph Jay Haspel
Candy HeartsMercury6/20/60Darrell Edwards/Herby Treece
Cause I Love YouStarday1/1/55Webb Pierce/Danny Dill
Ceremony The w Tammy WynetteEpic7/8/72Billy Sherrill/C Taylor/J Strickland
Choices w Billy YatesZXXX1/1/06Curtis/Yates
Close Together (As You And Me) w Melba MontgomeryMusicor10/15/66Earl Montgomery
Closer Than Ever w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/75Carmol Taylor/George Jones/Norris Wilson
Cold Cold HeartXMercury1/1/60Hank Williams
Cold Cold HeartXRadioHank Williams
Cold Day In December AEpic8/20/90Bobby Braddock
Cold Hard Truth TheZAsylum1/1/94OHara
Cold Hard Truth The w Tom AstorZAriola1/1/07OHara
Color Of The BluesXMercury2/3/58Jones/Williams
Color Of The BluesXU A1/1/63Jones/Williams
Color Of The BluesXMusicor1/1/68Jones/Williams
Come Home To MeMCA12/1/91Dobie Gray/Bud Reneau/Tom Lazaros
Come SundownXMusicor1/1/74Kris Kristofferson
Come SundownXEpic1/1/83Kris Kristofferson
Cornography w Brad Paisley & Little Jimmy Dickens & Bill Anderson & Dilly PartonArista1/1/05Frank Rogers/Brad Paisley/Peter Tilden
Cornography outtake 1 w Brad Paisley & Little Jimmy Dickens & Bill Anderson & Dilly PartonArista1/1/05Frank Rogers/Brad Paisley/Peter Tilden
Cornography outtake 2 w Brad Paisley & Little Jimmy Dickens & Bill Anderson & Dilly PartonArista1/1/05Frank Rogers/Brad Paisley/Peter Tilden
Cornography outtake 3 w Brad Paisley & Little Jimmy Dickens & Bill Anderson & Dilly PartonArista1/1/05Frank Rogers/Brad Paisley/Peter Tilden
Cornography outtake 4 w Brad Paisley & Little Jimmy Dickens & Bill Anderson & Dilly PartonArista1/1/05Frank Rogers/Brad Paisley/Peter Tilden
Couldn't Love Have Picked A Better Place To DieEpic1/1/81Kenneth Eugene Jones/Claude Putman Jr
Country Boy w Aaron Lewis & Charlie DanielsStroudivarious2/1/11NEED
Country Boy Can Survive A (Y2k Version) w Chad Brock & Hank Williams Jr & Mark WillsW B1/1/91Hank Williams Jr
Country Boy's Dream w Charlie Louvin & Waylon JenningsPlayback1/1/91Buz Hart/Gene Eden Thomas
Country Music Has The Blues w Billy Ray Cyrus & Loretta LynnNew Door7/17/06Billy Ray Cyrus
Courtin' In The RainEpic1/1/83T Tyler
Crawdad Song The w Tammy WynetteEpic2/9/74Traditional
Crazy Arms [NOT George Jones] [Leon Payne as Hank Smith]Tops1/1/56Ralph Mooney/Charles Seals
Cryin' Time w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/76Buck Owens
Cup Of LonelinessXMercury10/21/57George Jones/B Stephens
Cup Of LonelinessXMusicor1/1/67George Jones/B Stephens
Cupid w Sara EvansRCA10/27/98Kostas Lazarides/Keith Gattis
Cuttin' A Rug (Instr)U A1/1/63Hal Rugg

Daddy Come Home w Georgette JonesEpic1/1/81Bobby Braddock
Daisy Chain w Barbara MandrellEpic1/1/84D Knutson/E Burton/R A Wade
Day After ForeverAsylum1/1/94Barnes
Day I Lose My Mind The w Melba MontgomeryMusicor1/1/67Dallas Frazier
Day In The Life Of A Fool AMusicor1/1/71E Noack
Detroit CityBandit9/13/05Danny Dill/Mel Tillis
Developing My PicturesMusicor1/1/66Earl Montgomery
Devil Is Gathering Firewood TheEpic4/4/90Emerson/Emerson/Jones
Diary Of My MindEpic9/4/76Starks/Starks
Did I Ever Tell You w Margie SingletonMercury9/1/61Margie Singleton/J Kennedy
Did You Ever w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/76Bobby Braddock
Divorce Or DestroyMusicor1/1/71Deaton or D Hosea
Dixieland For Me w Melba MontgomeryU A1/1/64McPeake/Watkins
Do What You Think's BestMusicor1/1/69J Peppers
Don't Be AngryMusicor1/1/66W Jackson
Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Age w Jerry Lee LewisArtists First9/26/06Cindy Walker/Bob Wills
Don't Cry Darlin' w David Allen CoeColumbia1/1/85Dean Dillon
Don't Do This To MeMercury1/1/57George Jones
Don't Get Around Much Anymore w Merle HaggardBandit10/24/06Cindy Walker/Bob Wills
Don't Go w Melba MontgomeryU A7/10/65Onie Wheeler
Don't Keep Me Lonely Too LongMusicor1/1/66Melba Montgomery
Don't Leave Without Taking Your SilverEpic1/1/86D Black
Don't Let Me Cross OverMusicor1/1/66P Jay
Don't Let The Stars Get In Your EyesU A1/1/62Willett
Don't Rob Another Man's Castle w Gene PitneyMusicor1/1/65Carson
Don't Send Me No AngelsMCA10/27/92Kemp
Don't Stop The MusicMercury1/19/57George Jones
Don't Tell Mama w Grascals (George does Guest Recitation)Rounder8/29/06Buddy Brock/Jerry E Lasetter/Kim Edwin Williams
Don't Think I Don't Love YouMusicor7/9/66Dallas Frazier
Don't Touch MeMCA4/7/98Hank Cochran
Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)XMusicor1/1/65Hank Cochran
Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)XEpic4/1/89Hank Cochran
Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)XRadioHank Cochran
Door TheEpic10/26/74Billy Sherrill/Norro Wilson
Dream OnEpic1/1/83Dennis Lambert/Brian Potter
Drive Me To DrinkMCA10/27/92Dobbins/Huffman
Drivin' Nails In My Coffin w Floyd TillmanHeart Of Texas1/1/04Jerry Irby
Drunk Can't Be A Man AEpic1/1/76George Jones/Earl Montgomery

Each Season Changes YouMusicor1/1/72Ruth Talley/Albert Goree
Eskimo PieMercury2/3/58George Jones
Even The Bad Times Are GoodXMusicor1/1/65Carl Belew/C Pitts
Even The Bad Times Are GoodXEpic1/1/83Carl Belew/C Pitts
Even The Bad Times Are Good w Tammy WynetteZEpic1/1/76Carl Belew/C Pitts
Even The Loser (Likes To Dream)Musicor1/1/69Dallas Frazier
Every Time I Look At YouU A1/1/63George Jones/Johnny Mathis
Everybody Oughta Sing A Song w Melba MontgomeryMusicor1/1/67Dallas Frazier
Everybody's Wantin' To Go Somewhere - unissuedEpicNAEarl Montgomery/George Jones
Everything Ain't RightMercury1/1/65Darrell Edwards/George Jones
Everything's Gonna Be AlrightZMusicor6/2/09Carmol Taylor/Arthur Wilson
Everything's Gonna Be Alright w Tammy WynetteZEpic1/1/72Carmol Taylor/Arthur Wilson
Everytime I Think Of YouMusicor6/2/09NEED

Faded LoveU A1/1/62John Wills/Bob Wills
Family BibleXMercury6/4/60W Breeland/P Buskirk/C Gray
Family BibleXMusicor1/1/67W Breeland/P Buskirk/C Gray
Family BibleXBandit4/1/03W Breeland/P Buskirk/C Gray
Famous Last WordsEpic1/1/83Curly Putman/B Jones/R Hellard
Feeling Single Seeing DoubleMusicor1/1/65Kemp
Feudin' And Fightin' w Melba MontgomeryMusicor1/1/66L Brittain
Few Ole Country Boys A w Randy Travis16th Avenue1/1/89Troy J Seals/Mentor Ralph Williams
Fiddle And Guitar Band w Charlie DanielsEpic1/1/89Charlie Daniels
Fightin Side Of Me TheMusicor8/16/94Merle Haggard
Filipino Baby w Ernest TubbFirst Generation7/1/79Bily Cox/Clarke Van Ness
Finally FridayMCA9/1/92Boyd/Haynes/Mize/Robbins
First One TheMercury1/1/63George Jones
Flame In My Heart w Virginia SpurlockZMercury7/1/57George Jones/B Spurlock
Flame In My Heart w Melba MontgomeryZU A1/1/63George Jones/B Spurlock
Flowers For MamaMusicor1/1/65Noack/Rumley/Walker
Footlights w Merle HaggardBandit10/24/06Merle Haggard
For Better Or For Worse (But Not For Long)Musicor1/1/69E Noack/E Milner
For Sale Or For LeaseStarday7/10/07NEED
Forever's Here To StayMCA10/1/93Bastian/Cannon
Forgive Me NowU A1/1/63George Jones
Fortune I've Gone ThroughMusicor1/1/70Dallas Frazier
Four-O-Thirty ThreeMusicor7/9/66George Jones/Earl Montgomery
Free As A BreezeMusicor1/1/74Carmol Taylor
From Here To The DoorMusicor1/1/66Don Chapel
From Hillbilly Heaven To Honky Tonk Hell w Kenny Chesney & Tracy LawrenceBNA7/15/97Michael Huffman/Mike Gieger/Woody Mullis
From Strangers To Lovers To FriendsEpic1/1/83H Hall/G Ray
Frozen HeartMercury1/1/61Jones/Yancey
Funny How Time Slips AwayBandit9/13/05Willie Nelson

Garage Sale TodayEpic8/23/80NEED
GeronimoU A5/12/62Johnny Western
Get Some Loving DoneMusicor1/1/74Jimmy Peppers
Get Up And Get Out Of These BluesEpic3/1/90NEED
Getting Over The StormMusicor10/2/71John F Riggs
Ghost Of Another Man TheEpic7/4/00Bowling/Dycus/Richey
Girl At The End Of The BarEpic1/1/83J D Anderson/L A Delmore
Girl I Almost Knew TheMusicor1/1/68Dallas Frazier
Girl I Used To Know AXU A9/1/62J Clement
Girl I Used To Know AXRadioJ Clement
Girl You Sure Know How To Say GoodbyeEpic1/1/81Tom T Hall
Give Me Just One More Day LordMusicor1/1/67Earl Montgomery/Melba Montgomery
Give My Love To RoseU A1/1/62John R Cash
Give Away GirlMercury1/1/59George Jones
Glad To Let Her GoMercury1/1/63George Jones
Go Away With Me w Benny BarnesStarday1/1/57Dan Welch
God Keeps The Wild Flowers BloomingEpic1/1/73B Absire
God's CountryCategory 510/17/06John Michael Henderson/Neal Coty/Jimmy Melton
God's Gonna Get'cha (For That) w Tammy WynetteEpic5/17/75Collins
Going Life's WayMusicor5/6/70Tammy Wynette
Gold And SilverU A1/1/64S Legate
Golden Ring w Tammy WynetteXEpic6/5/76Bobby Braddock/R VanHoy
Golden Ring w Tammy WynetteXMCA10/11/94Bobby Braddock/R VanHoy
Gonna Come Get YouStarday9/15/56George Jones
Gonna Have A Little Talk With You FriendU A1/1/64Wheeler
Gonna Take Me Away From YouMusicor1/1/65Darrell Edwards/George Jones
Good Hearted WomanEpic1/1/80Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson
Good Old BibleXMercury1/1/59George Jones
Good Old Bible TheXMusicor1/1/67George Jones
Good Old Fashioned Cry AXU A7/2/66George Jones/Johnny Mathis
Good Old Fashioned Cry AXMusicor1/1/72George Jones/Johnny Mathis
Good Ones And Bad OnesZEpic9/1/81J Chambers/L Jenkins
Good Ones And Bad Ones w Mark ChesnuttZMCA10/11/94J Chambers/L Jenkins
Good Year For The Roses AZMusicor11/21/70Jerry Chesnut
Good Year For The Roses A w Alan JacksonZMCA11/15/94Jerry Chesnut
Goodbye Joke AEpic1/1/75Earl Montgomery/Charlene Montgomery/George Jones
Gospel According to Jones The w Eric Lee BedingfieldRebel Dawg10/25/10NEED
Got To Get To Louisiana w T Graham BrownMCA4/7/98Harvey/Schuffert
Gotta Talk To You HeartMercury1/1/56George Jones/Roger Miller
Grand Tour TheZEpic6/8/74George Richey/C Taylor/Norro Wilson
Grand Tour The w Jimmy BuckleyZK-Mac1/1/08George Richey/C Taylor/Norro Wilson
Great Big Spirit Of Love w Brenda CarterMusicor9/28/68Hank Mills
Great Divide The w Tammy WynetteEpic7/8/72Curly Putman
Greatest Christmas Gift w Tammy WynetteEpic12/1/73Dallas Frazier/Earl Montgomery
Green Grass Grows All Around TheMusicor1/1/69Dallas Frazier
Green Green Grass Of HomeMusicor1/1/68Curly Putman

Half A Man w Willie NelsonEpic10/25/90Willie Nelson
Half A Mind w Ernest TubbFirst Generation7/1/79Roger Miller
Half As MuchMercury1/1/60Curly Williams
Half Of Me Is GoneMusicor1/1/68Dallas Frazier
Half Over YouBNA10/2/01Karen Staley
Hallelujah I Love You So w Brenda LeeEpic11/1/84Ray Charles
Hallelujah WeekendEpic4/4/90George Jones/Earl Montgomery
Hangin' On To One And Hangin' Round The OtherMusicor1/1/68Dallas Frazier
Hank And George Lefty And Me w Tommy CashPlayback1/1/91James Lee Owens
Hard Act To Follow AEpic4/12/80Earl Montgomery/George Jones
Hardest Part Of All TheMusicor1/1/72Chestnut
Have A Little Talk With Jesus w Brenda LeeProvident4/10/07Cleavant Derricks
Have Mercy On MeMercury5/2/60Darrell Edwards
Have You Seen My ChickenEpic1/1/75Jodie Emerson/Earl Montgomery
He Is Good To MeU A5/1/62Clyde Beaver
He Is My EverythingEpic1/1/72Dallas Frazier
He Made Me FreeU A4/15/62Darrell Edwards
He Never Got The Picture At AllEpic6/1/90NEED
He Stopped Loving Her TodayXEpic4/12/80Bobby Braddock/Curly Putman
He Stopped Loving Her TodayXBandit1/1/04Bobby Braddock/Curly Putman
He Thinks I Still Care w Deana CarterBandit10/9/07Dickey Lee
Heartaches And HangoversMusicor11/23/68J Robertson/D Sullivan
Heartaches By The NumberMercury1/1/61Howard
Heartbreak HotelDixie1/1/55Mae Axton/Durden/Presley
Heartbroken Me w Sonny BurnsStarday11/6/54Hayes
Hearts In My DreamXMercury8/26/57George Jones/Roger Miller
Hearts In My DreamsXRadioGeorge Jones/Roger Miller
Heaven Made WomenMusicor6/2/09Jimmy Peppers
Heaven Made Woman - unissuedEpicNAJimmy Peppers
Heckel And JeckelMCA9/1/91Max D Barnes/Max T Barnes
He'll Never Be A Lawyer w Ken Mellons & John AndersonEpic1/1/95Ray Brasseur/Jerry Cee Cupit/Memarie C Cupit/Lee Thomas Miller/Sharon L Corbitt Patterson/Tracey Lea Reynolds
Hell Stays Open (All Night Long)Epic3/1/90Harden
Hello Darlin'XMusicor1/1/72Conway Twitty
Hello Darlin'XMCA11/23/93Conway Twitty
Hello HeartMCA8/13/96Melba Montomery/Billy Yates
Hello Trouble (Come On In)Epic1/1/83Eddie McDuff/Orville Couch
Help The People w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/73Earl Montgomery/George Jones
Her Name IsEpic9/4/76Bobby Braddock
Here In The Real WorldBandit9/13/05Mark Irwin/Alan Eugene Jackson
Here We Are w Emmylou HarrisEpic1/1/78Rodney Crowell
Hey George Hey Hank w Hank ThompsonCurb11/11/97Hank Thompson
Hey Good Lookin'Mercury1/1/60Hank Williams
High On The Thought Of YouMusicor1/1/72Earl Montgomery/Charlene Montgomery
High-Tech RedneckMCA10/1/93Hill/Turner
His Lovin' Her Is Gettin' In My WayEpic1/1/80Emerson
Hit And RunEpic1/1/75Earl Montgomery
Hold EverythingStarday5/14/55Hayes
Hold What You've Got w Run C&W & Vince GillMCA1/1/94Joe Tex
Holiday For LoveU A1/1/64Webb Pierce/W Walker/Mel Tilllis
Homecoming In HeavenU A1/1/62Breeland/Buskirk/Gray/Nelson
Honey HushBNA10/2/01Dillon Dixon
Honky Tonk Downstairs TheMusicor10/7/67Dallas Frazier
Honky Tonk Myself To DeathMCA10/15/91Max D Barnes/Max T Barnes
Honky Tonk SongMCA8/1/96Frank J Myers/Billy Yates
Honky Tonkin'Mercury1/1/60Hank Williams
Hopelessly YoursEpic1/1/86D Cook/Curly Putman/Keith Whitley
House Of Gold w Melba MontgomeryU A1/1/64Hank Williams
House Without Love AXU A1/1/62Hank Williams
House Without Love AXRadioHank Williams
How Beautiful Heaven Must BeXMusicor1/1/65Traditional
How Beautiful Heaven Must BeXBandit4/1/03Traditional
How Come It (as Thumper Jones)Starday5/5/56George Jones
How Much Rain Can One Man StandMusicor1/1/70Dallas Frazier
How Proud I Would Have BeenMusicor1/1/65Joe Poovey
How Wonderful A Poor Man's Life Can BeMusicor1/1/69Earl Montgomery
Howlin' At The MoonXMercury1/1/60Hank Williams
Howlin' At The MoonXRadioHank Williams
Hundred Proof Memories AMCA8/13/96Zack Turner/Keith Stegall

I Ain't Got No Business Doin' Business TodayEpic1/1/78Morrison/Slate
I Always Get It Right With You w Shelby LynneEpic8/1/88T Whitson/F Powers/Gary Church
I Always Get Lucky With YouZEpic4/1/83T Whitson/F Powers/Gary Church
I Always Get Lucky With You w Mark KnopflerZBandit (from MCA)8/19/08T Whitson/F Powers/Gary Church
I Always Wind Up LoserMercury1/1/63George Jones/Lee Emerson
I AmBNA10/2/01Stewart Harris/Curtis Wright
I Can Live ForeverMCA4/7/98Christopher/Lindsey/Stampley
I Can Love You EnoughMusicor1/1/74Jimmy Peppers
I Can Still See Him In Her EyesMusicor1/1/72Bill Mack
I Can't Change OvernightXU A1/1/63George Jones/Johnny Mathis
I Can't Change Overnight XRadioGeorge Jones/Johnny Mathis
I Can't Find It HereEpic1/1/73Curly Putman
I Can't Get Over What Lovin' You Has DoneEpic1/1/76Emerson
I Can't Get Over You w Melba MontgomeryU A1/1/64J Barber
I Can't Get There From HereMusicor5/20/67Dallas Frazier
I Can't Get Used To Being LonelyMusicor7/24/65Earl Montgomery/Melba Montgomery
I Can't Go HomeMusicor1/1/69Gene Crysler
I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)XMercury1/1/60Hank Williams
I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)XRadioHank Williams
I Could Never Be Ashamed Of YouXU A1/1/62Hank Williams
I Could Never Be Ashamed Of YouXRadioHank Williams
I Cried Myself AwakeMusicor1/1/72Goates/Davis
I Don't Care (If Tomorrow Never Comes) w Hank Williams JrElektra1/1/81Hank Williams
I Don't Go Back AnymoreMCA10/15/91Troy Seals/Mike Reid
I Don't Have Sense Enough (To Come In Out Of The Pain)Musicor1/1/69B J Smith
I Don't Hear You w Margie SingletonMercury8/3/63Buck Owens
I Don't Love You AnymoreMusicor1/1/66Bill Anderson
I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair w Vince Gill/Mark Chesnutt/Garth Brooks/Travis Tritt/Joe Diffie/Alan Jackson/Pam Tillis/T. Graham Brown/Patty Loveless/Clint BlackMCA9/1/92F Dycus/K K Phillips/B Yates
I Don't Want No Stranger Sleepin' In My BedEpic1/1/78B Emerson/George Jones<
I Fall In Love Every DayMusicor1/1/74Jimmy Peppers
I Fell Off The Wagon w Ron GaddisSouthland8/1/99Jody Emerson/William M Emerson/Vern Gosdin/Lorene M Spurlock
I Gave It All Up For YouEpic1/1/78Terry Skinner/Earl Montgomery
I Get Lonely In A HurryU A1/1/64Johnny Mathis/V Franks
I Got EverythingBNA10/2/01Al Anderson/Jim Hoke
I Got Stripes w Johnny CashColumbia8/27/02Johnny Cash/Charlie Williams
I Gotta Get Drunk w Willie NelsonEpic1/1/78Willie Nelson
I Had YouMusicor6/2/09NEED
I Haven't Found Her Yet w Merle HaggardEpic7/24/82Merle Haggard/Johnny Paycheck
I Heard You Crying In Your SleepU A1/1/62Hank Williams
I Just Don't Give A DamnEpic7/26/75Jones/Peppers
I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin'XU A1/1/62Hank Williams
I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin'XRadioHank Williams
I Just Drove By To See If I Was Really Gone - unissuedEpicNANEED
I Just Lost My Favorite GirlMusicor1/1/65NEED
I Just Started Lovin' Today w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/80NEED
I KnowMusicor1/1/71George Jones/Tammy Wynette
I Know A Man Who Can w Sheri Copeland & Barry SmithBandit4/1/03Jimmie Davis/Jack Campbell
I Let You Go w Melba MontgomeryU A1/1/63Melba Montgomery/Charlene Montgomery
I Love You BecauseMercury1/1/61Payne
I Love You So Much It HurtsZEpic1/1/77Floyd Tillman
I Love You So Much It Hurts w Ray ConniffZEpic1/1/82Floyd Tillman
I Made Her That WayMusicor1/1/65Jones/Ward
I Made Leaving (Easy For You)Musicor4/12/72George Jones/Tammy Wynette
I Married Much Too Long w Melba Montgomery - unissuedU ANANEED
I Must Have Done Something BadMCA8/13/96Red Lane
I Really Don't Want To Know
this is not the same song as the more popular song with that title
MCA9/1/09Don Robertson/H Barnes
I Said All That To Say All ThisMCA4/7/98Davidson/Rochelle
I Saw MeU A1/5/63J Davis/George Jones
I Should've CalledEpic1/1/83Edward G Futch
I Sleep Just Like A BabyEpic8/20/90Chambers/Jenkins/Sherrill
I Stayed Long EnoughMusicor1/1/70Tammy Wynette
I Still Hold Her Body (But I Think I've Lost Her Mind) w Dennis & Ray of Dr. HookEpic1/1/78R Sawyer/D Locorriere
I Still Miss Someone w Johnny CashColumbia8/27/02Roy Cash Jr/Johnny R Cash
I Still Sing The Old SongsEpic1/1/76Coe
I Stopped Living YesterdayMusicor1/1/69Dallas Frazier
I Think I'll Just Stay Here And DrinkBandit10/24/06Merle Haggard
I Think I've Found A Way (To Live Without You) w Merle HaggardEpic11/10/82Merle Haggard
I Threw Away The Rose
aka I'm Paying For The Days Of Wine And Roses
Musicor1/1/68Merle Haggard
I Turn To YouEpic1/1/86Barnes/Curly Putman
I Want To Be Where You're Gonna Be w Margie SingletonMercury9/29/62SHelby Singleton/D Gantt/Margie Singleton
I Want To Grow Old With YouEpic8/20/90Bobby Braddock
I Wanta SingEpic1/1/77Earl Montgomery/George Jones/Earnie Rowell
I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool w Barbara MandrellMCA1/1/81K Fleming/D Morgan
I Was Country When Country Wasn't Pop w Cledus T. JuddMonument4/20/03K Fleming/D Morgan/Cledus T Judd/Christopher Clark
I Wish Tonight Would Never EndU A1/1/63George Jones/Johnny Mathis
I Woke Up From DreamingXMusicor1/1/66Dallas Frazier
When I Woke Up From DreamingXRadioDallas Frazier
I Wonder How John Felt (When He Baptized Jesus)Epic1/1/73C Taylor/Norro Wilson/Billy Sherrill
I Won't Love You AnymoreU A1/1/63George Jones/James O'Gwynn
I Won't Need You AnymoreEpic1/1/81Max Duane Barnes/Troy Harold Seals
I Wouldn't Know About ThatXMercury11/14/64George Jones
I Wouldn't Know About That - unissuedXMusicorNAGeorge Jones
I Dreamed My Baby Came Home w Melba MontgomeryU A1/1/64George Jones/Johnny Mathis
I'd Jump The Mississippi w Melba MontgomeryU A1/1/64Johnny Mathis/George Jones
I'd Rather Die YoungEpic1/1/83Beasley Smith/Billy Vaughn/Randolph C Wood
I'd Rather Have What We HadEpic4/1/83Bobby Braddock
I'd Rather Switch Than FightMusicor1/1/65Kemp
If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will)Epic1/7/81R Beresford/H Sanders
If God Met You w Tammy WynetteMCA6/20/95Daniels/Wells
If I Could Bottle This Up w Shelby LynneEpic8/1/88Dean Dillon/Paul Overstreet
If I Could Hear My Mother Pray AgainBandit4/1/03James Vaughn/James Rowe
If I Could Put Them All Together (I'd Have You)Epic8/13/77E Stevens
If I Don't Love You (Grits Ain't Groceries)Mercury10/13/58George Jones/J P Richardson
If I Painted A PictureEpic1/1/85Charles R Browder/Leona Belle William
If Loving You Starts Hurting Me w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/74Earl Montgomery/Charlene Montgomery/George Richey
If My Heart Had WindowsMusicor10/7/67Dallas Frazier
If Not For YouMusicor7/19/69J Chesnut
If Only You'd Love Me AgainEpic11/1/85Dennis John Knutson/Eddie Burton
If Only Your Eyes Could LieEpic1/1/86Bob McDill/John Jarrard
If The World Don't End TomorrowEpic8/20/90Sherrill
If We Don't Make It w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/80Richey
If You BelieveXMercury5/2/60Darrell Edwards
If You BelieveXMusicor1/1/65Darrell Edwards
If You Can Touch Her At All w Lynn AndersonEpic1/1/85Lee Clayton
If You Don't Somebody Else Will w Margie SingletonZMercury1/1/62G Page/Jimmy Fautheree/Johnny Mathis
If You Don't Somebody Else Will w Tammy WynetteZEpic1/1/76G Page/Jimmy Fautheree/Johnny Mathis
If You Loved A Liar (You'd Hug My Neck)Epic1/1/78George Jones/Earl Montgomery
If You Want To Wear A CrownMercury10/5/59Eddie Noack/Marvin Rumley
If You Were Mine - unissuedStardayNANEED
If You Won't Tell On Me (I Won't Tell On You)Musicor1/1/65Dallas Frazier
If You're Gonna Do Me WrongBandit9/13/05Max Barnes/Vern Gosdin
If You've Got The Money (I've Got The Time)Mercury1/1/61Beck/Lefty Frizzell
I'll Be Loving You w Melba MontgomeryMusicor1/1/67Dallas Frazier/Billy Mize
I'll Be There (If Ever You Want Me) w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/76Rusy Gabbard/Ray Price
I'll Be There To Welcome You Home w Melba MontgomeryU A1/1/64Melba Montgomery/Charlene Montgomery
I'll Be There) If You Want MeMercury1/1/61Rusy Gabbard/Ray Price
I'll Bring The Bottle w Charley Pride16th AveNEED DATEDonald R Ewing II/Donald R Sampson
I'll Come BackEpic2/7/76Earl Montgomery
I'll Fly AwayXMusicor1/1/65Albert Brumley
I'll Fly AwayXBandit4/1/03Albert Brumley
I'll Follow You Up To Our CloudMusicor10/2/71D Turner
I'll Give You Something To Drink AboutMCA8/13/96Hank Cochran/Jerry Laseter/Mark Vickery
I'll Just Take It Out In LoveEpic7/1/78McDill
I'll Never Let Go Of YouU A1/1/63Jones/Riddle
I'll Sail My Ship AloneMusicor1/1/68Bernard/Burns/Mann/Thurston
I'll Say It's True w Johnny CashColumbia5/1/79John R Cash
I'll See You While AgoMusicor3/29/69Darrell Edwards/Lawrece Flowers
I'll Share My World With YouXMusicor3/29/69B Wilson
I'll Share My World With YouXEpic1/1/77B Wilson
I Take The Chance w Jeanette HicksTops1/1/56Louvin
I'll Take You To My WorldEpic1/1/72Sherrill/Sutton
I'll Walk The LineMercury1/1/61John R Cash
I'm A Fool For Loving HerEpic7/4/00Tipton
I'm A Fool To Care w Gene PitneyMusicor7/24/65Ted Daffan
I'm A Long Gone DaddyXEpic1/1/87Hank Williams
I'm A Long Gone DaddyXCracker Barrel (from MCA)9/1/09Hank Williams
I'm A Long Gone DaddyXRadioHank Williams
I'm A One Woman ManXStarday1/1/57Johnny Horton/Tillman Franks
I'm A One Woman ManXEpic11/1/88Johnny Horton/Tillman Franks
I'm A One Woman Man w Marty Stuart
note: the CD lists the title as One Woman Man
ZMCA10/11/94Johnny Horton/Tillman Franks
I'm A PeopleMusicor1/1/66Dallas Frazier
I'm A SurvivorEpic1/1/87McBride/Stegall
I'm All She's GotEpic1/1/76Emerson
I'm Finally Over YouMusicor1/1/70Dallas Frazier/Sanger Shafer
I'm Goin' Home Like I Never Did BeforeEpic11/1/87NEED
I'm Gonna Build A Swimming Pool - unissuedEpicNAEarl Montgomery
I'm Gonna Burn Your Playhouse DownMercury1/1/82Lester Blackwell
I'm Gonna Change EverythingU A1/1/64Alec Zanetis
I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down w Keith RichardsMCA8/19/08George Jones
I'm Just Blue EnoughU A1/1/64Louvin/Louvin
I'm Not Ready YetEpic8/23/80Tom T Hall
I'm Ragged But I'm RightXStarday4/7/56George Jones
I'm Ragged But I'm RightXMercury1/1/57George Jones
I'm Ragged But I'm RightXU A1/1/63George Jones
I'm Ragged But I'm RightXMusicor3/11/94George Jones
I'm Ragged But I'm RightXEpic1/1/83George Jones
Ragged But Right XRadioGeorge Jones
I'm The One She Missed Him With TodayEpic1/1/80Owens
I'm Wasting Good PaperMusicor1/1/65Earl Montgomery
I'm With The Wrong One w Jeanette HicksMercury6/23/58George Jones
I've Aged Twenty Years In FiveEpic1/1/80Gordon/Parrish
Image Of Me TheMusicor1/1/70Wayne Kemp
Imitation LoveXU A1/1/62Adrian Roland/Howard Gregory
Imitation Of LoveXMusicor1/1/72Adrian Roland/Howard Gregory
Imitation Of LoveXRadioAdrian Roland/Howard Gregory
In A Gospel WayEpic1/1/73Earl Montgomery
In PersonMusicor1/1/66Liz Anderson
In The GardenBandit4/1/03C Austin Miles
In The Shade Of The Family Tree w GroupUnknownNEED DATENEED
In The Shadow Of A LieU A1/1/63George Jones/D Overby
Institute Of Honky Tonks w Ken Mellons & Vince Gill & Rebecca Lynn Howard & Larry CordleHome8/25/04Larry Alderman/Ken Mellons/John Northrup
Into My Arms AgainMercury6/22/59Graham/Wetzel
Is This How A Broken Heart DiesU A11/12/07NEED
It Ain't Gonna Worry My MindMCA8/13/96Richard Leigh
It Don't Get Any Better Than This w Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard & Johnny Counterfeit & Bobby BareMCA4/7/98Barnes/Cannon/Wilson
It Hurts As Much In Texas (As It Did In Tennessee) w Ricky Van SheltonEpic1/1/89Dennis Knutson/A L Doodle Owens
It Is No SecretBandit4/1/03Stuart Hamblen
It Scares Me Half To DeathU A1/1/64Allison
It Sure Was Good w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/78Billy Sherrill/George Richey
It w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/75Bobby Braddock
It's O.K.Starday6/30/56George Jones
It's All In My MindEpic7/4/00Stewart/Stovall
It's A 10:33 (Let's Get Jesus On The Line)Epic5/21/77Earl Montgomery/Alvin McLendon/Ralton Stancil
It's A Man Thing w T.G. SheppardUnknown8/24/04R C Bannon/Larry Stewart
It's A SinU A1/1/62Rose/Turner
It's An Old Love Thing w Tammy WynetteMCA6/20/95Kenny R Cornell
It's Been A Beautiful Life w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/72Billy Sherrill/C Taylor
It's Been So LongMercury1/1/61Ernest Tubb
It's Not My Fault w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/80Bobby Braddock
It's So Sweet w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/71George Jones/Tammy Wynette
It's The Bible Against The Bottle) The Battle For Daddy's SoulEpic4/4/90Howard/Wolverton
I've Been Known To CryU A1/1/64E Hollowell
I've Been There w Tim MensyEpic1/1/89Tim Mensy
I've Got A New Heartache w Benny Barnes
George Probably Not On It But Credited On Hillbilly Hitparade Album
ZTops1/1/56Wayne Walker
I've Got A New HeartacheZMercury1/1/62Wayne Walker
I've Got A New Heartache w Gene PitneyZMusicor2/1/65Wayne Walker
I've Got Five Dollars And It's Saturday NightZDixie1/1/55Ted Daffan
I've Got Five Dollars And It's Saturday Night w Gene PitneyZMusicor2/6/65Ted Daffan
I've Just Got To See You Once MoreU A1/1/64Dickens/Wallace
I've Seen Better Days w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/76Danny Morrison/Red Lane
I've Still Got Some Hurtin' Left To DoMCA11/23/93Kees/Ross
I've Turned You To Stone w Linda RonstadtEpic1/1/78Jim Rushing

Jambalaya (On The Bayou)XMercury1/1/60Hank Williams
Jambalaya XRadioHank Williams
Jesus Hold My HandBandit4/1/03Albert Brumley
Jesus Saves TodayEpic4/4/90Earl Montgomery
Jesus Wants MeMercury6/30/58George Jones/Eddie Noack
Jingle BellsColumbia1/1/79James S. Pierpont
Jonesy (Instr)XU A1/1/63Jones/Rugg
Jonesy (Instr.) XRadioJones/Rugg
Joy To The WorldColumbia1/1/80George F. Handel/Isaac Watts
Just A Closer Walk With TheeZBandit4/1/03Traditional
Just A Closer Walk With Thee w Gene Mcdonald & Wesley Pritchard & Reggie & Ladye Love Smith & Brittany AllenZSpring House1/1/08Traditional
Just A Little Talk With JesusZBandit4/1/03Cleavant Derricks
Just A Little Talk With Jesus w Gene Mcdonald & Wesley Pritchard & Reggie & Ladye Love Smith & Brittany AllenZSpring House1/1/08Cleavant Derricks
Just An Average Couple w Brenda CarterMusicor9/1/69Paul Thurman Yandell
Just Get Tired Of Being PoorMusicor1/1/72Frazier
Just Little Boy BlueMercury6/20/60Fox
Just Look What We've Started Again w Tammy WynetteMCA6/20/95Knutson/Owens
Just One MoreXStarday9/15/56George Jones
Just One MoreXMercury1/1/57George Jones
Just One MoreXRadioGeorge Jones
Just Out Of ReachEpic10/25/90Stewart
Just Playin' Possum w Alan JacksonArista5/14/91Alan Jackson/Jim McBride/Gary Overton
Just WhenEpic1/1/85NEED
Just When I Needed YouU A1/1/64Anglin/Baum/Wright

Kansas City w Johnny PaycheckEpic1/1/79Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller
Keep The Change w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/76Billy Sherril/Carmol Taylor/Monroe Fields
Keepin' Up With The Jonesin' w Jamey JohnsonSony1/31/06Robert Henry Hatch Jr/Jamey Van Johnson
King Of The MountainMCA10/15/91Larry Boone/Paul Nelson
King Of The RoadMusicor1/1/66Roger Miller
King is Gone The (So Are You)
[Orig Titled Ya Ba Da Ba Da Do]
King TheEpic1/1/72Earl Montgomery
Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'Epic1/1/72Peters
Kneel At The Feet Of JesusU A1/1/62Willie Nelson
Knock Three TimesStarday6/2/09Irwin Levine/Russell L. Brown
Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday w Brad Paisley & Little Jimmy Dickens & Bill AndersonArista7/22/03Brad Paisley/Frank Rogers

Last Country Song The w Blake Shelton & John AndersonW B5/1/07Bobby Braddock/Michael J Kosser/Blake Tollison Shelton
Last Letter TheEpic1/1/72R Griffin
Last One To Touch Me TheMusicor1/1/74Dolly Parton
Last Outlaw's Alive And Doing Well The w Johnny Paycheck - unissuedEpicNANEED
Last Town I Painted TheMercury1/1/63Word
Late Getting HomeMusicor1/1/72George Riddle/Juliam Arthur Thomas III
Leaning On The Everlasting ArmsXMusicor1/1/65Traditional
Leaning On The Everlasting ArmsXBandit4/1/03Traditional
Leaning On The Shoulder Of LoveMusicor1/1/74Dallas Frazier/A. L. Doodle Owens
Learning To Do Without MeEpic1/1/83A L Doodle Owens/D Knutson/B Moore
Least Of AllXU A12/19/64S James/C Smith
Least Of All XRadioS James/C Smith
Leaving Love All Over The PlaceEpic7/1/78Lathan
Let A Little Loving Come InMusicor1/1/65Leon Payne
Let Him KnowStarday7/16/54George Jones
Let It Rain Let It ShineMusicor1/1/69Dallas Frazier
Let There Be A WomanEpic1/1/72Wellman
Let's All Go Down To The River w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/72Earl Montgomery/Sue Richards
Let's All Sing Ourselves To Glory w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/72Earl Montgomery
Let's Both Have A Cry w Melba MontgomeryMusicor1/1/66Dallas Frazier/A L Owens
Let's Build A World Together w Tammy WynetteEpic4/7/73George Richey/Norro Wilson/C Taylor
Let's Get Together (One More Time) w Melba MontgomeryMusicor1/1/67Don Chapel
Let's Go HomeU A11/12/07NEED
Let's Invite Them Over w Melba MontgomeryU A9/21/63Onie Wheeler
Let's Make HistoryEpic1/1/72C Taylor/J Strickland
Life To GoMercury1/1/59George Jones
Life Turned Her That WayMusicor1/1/67Harlan Howard
Lifetime Left Together A w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/71Tammy Wynette
Lifetime To RegretMusicor1/1/71Leon Payne
Likes Of You TheMercury1/1/63Darrell Edwards
Lily Of The ValleyXMusicor1/1/65Traditional
Lily Of The ValleyXBandit4/1/03Traditional
Little Bitty Tear AU A1/1/62Hank Cochran
Little Getting Used To AMirage1/1/81Jerry Taylor
Living On Easy Street w Melba MontgomeryZMusicor1/1/66Melba Montgomery/Earl Montgomery
Living On Easy Street w Tammy WynetteZEpic1/1/71Melba Montgomery/Earl Montgomery
Lone Ranger TheMCA8/1/96Gerald Smith/John Northup/Billy Yates
Lonely Christmas CallXU A12/8/62George Jones/George Riddle
Lonely Christmas CallXMusicor11/23/68George Jones/George Riddle
Lonely Know My SecretMusicor1/1/66Earl Montgomery
Lonely StreetMusicor1/1/67"C Balew/W S Stevenson/, Sower"
Lonesome LifeU A1/1/63George Jones/G Riddle
Lonesome Old TownU A1/1/63George Jones/G Riddle
Lonesome ValleyBandit4/1/03Traditional
Lonesome Whistle TheU A1/1/62Davis/Williams
Long As We're Dreaming w Melba MontgomeryMusicor10/15/66Earl Montgomery
Long Time To ForgetMercury2/9/59George Jones
Long Walk Off A Tall Rock w Melba MontgomeryMusicor1/1/67Ron Behunin
Lookin' Back To See w Margie SingletonMercury1/1/62Jim Ed Brown/Maxine Brown
Looking For My Feel GoodMusicor1/1/68Dallas Frazier
Lord Have Mercy On The Working Man w Travis Tritt & Little Texas & T. Graham Brown & Porter Wagoner & Tanya Tucker & Brooks & Dunn & Dana McvickerWarner Bros1/1/92NEED
Lord You've Been Mighty Good To MeMusicor1/1/65Earl Montgomery
Louisiana Man w Gene PitneyMusicor7/24/65Doug Kershaw
Love BugZMusicor7/24/65Wayne Kemp/Curtis Wayne
Love Bug w Vince GillZMCA10/11/94Wayne Kemp/Curtis Wayne
Love Coming DownEpic1/1/76Chesnut
Love In The Meantime w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/80J Taylor/ R J Jones
Love In Your Eyes TheMCA11/23/93Holyfield/Wilson
Love Is All We Need w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/73M Sherrill/D Goff
Love Lives AgainEpic1/1/73Richey/Taylor/Wilson
Love Makes It AlrightMusicor1/1/74Jerry Chesnut
Love MeRichmond6/2/09Glen Sutton/George Richey
Lovely Place To Cry A w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/72Earl Montgomery/Tammy Wynette
Loves Gonna Live HereU A1/1/64Buck Owens
Love's Gonna Live Here w Buck OwensEpic1/1/89Buck Owens
LoveshineEpic1/1/83H Saunders
Lovin' LiesU A1/1/64Chapman/Martin/Pyle
Lovin' You Is Worth It w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/72C Taylor/Q Claunch
Lovin' You Lovin' Me w Tammy WynetteBandit (from Epic)8/19/08Sonny Throckmorton
Loving You Could Never Be BetterEpic5/20/72Earl Montgomery/Charlene Montgomery/Betty Tate
Loving You Makes You MineMusicor1/1/71Gibson or J Ripley

Made For The BluesEpic1/1/73Don Gibson
Magic ValleyU A5/1/62Merle Moore/Richardson
Maiden's Prayer A (Instr)Starday1/1/67York
Making Believe w Merle HaggardColumbia1/1/85Jimmy Work
Making The RoundsU A1/1/64Bryant
Mama Take Me HomeMusicor1/1/72Carmol Taylor
Mama Was A Preacher ManEpic1/1/73Earl Montgomery/George Jones
Mama's Family BibleEpic4/4/90Kingston
Mama's HandsEpic1/1/73L Kingston/F Dycus
Mama's Hungry EyesMusicor1/1/72Merle Haggard
Man He Was TheBNA10/2/01John Wayne Wiggins/Harley Allen
Man I Always Wanted To Meet AEpic1/1/73Curly Putman/Bobby Braddock
Man That You Once Knew TheMusicor1/1/68Dallas Frazier
Man Worth Lovin' You TheEpic10/28/72Earl Montgomery
Mansion HillMusicor1/1/69Dallas Frazier
Mansion On The HillU A1/1/62Fred Rose/Hank Williams
Mansion Over The Hilltop w Vestal GoodmanBandit4/1/03Ira Stanphil
Mary Don't Go 'RoundEpic11/24/73Earl Montgomery/Jimmy Richards
Matthew Twenty-FourU A1/1/62Glosson
Maybe Little BabyXStarday1/1/61George Jones
Maybe Little BabyXMercury1/1/64George Jones
Maybe Next ChristmasMercury11/4/57George Jones/Lester L Blackwell
Maybelline w Johnny PaycheckEpic12/9/78Berry
Me And JesusZEpic4/4/90Tom T Hall
Me And Jesus w Tammy WynetteZEpic1/1/72Tom T Hall
Me And The Boys w Kevin FowlerEquityNEED DATEKevin David Fowler/Thom Edweard Shepherd
Memories Of MamaEpic1/8/83Wayne Kemp
Memories Of UsEpic7/26/75Kirby/Martin
Memory IsMusicor1/1/65Day/Day/Jones
Mem'ryvilleEpic1/1/83Dallas Frazier/L Lee
Milwaukee Here I Come w Brenda CarterMusicor9/28/68L Fikes
Mobile Bay (Magnolia Blossoms) w Merle HaggardEpic11/10/82Curly Putman/Dave Kirby
Mockin' Bird Hill w Gene PitneyMusicor1/1/65Vaughn Horton
Mom And Dad's WaltzEpic1/1/73Frizzell
Moments Of BrillianceEpic1/1/87Burt
Money To BurnMercury10/19/59J Nelms
Mr. FoolMercury11/9/63Darrell Edwards/George Jones/Treece
Mr. And Mrs. Santa Claus w Tammy WynetteEpic12/1/73Earl Montgomery/Dallas Frazier
Multiply The Heartaches w Melba MontgomeryU A1/1/63K Dee
Murder On Music Row w Dierks BentleyCracker Barrel1/1/06Larry E Cordle/Larry Edward Shell
Must You Throw Dirt In My Face w Charlie LouvinTompkins Square2/20/07Bill Anderson
Must've Been Drunk w Merle HaggardEpic11/10/82Vern Gosdin/Max D Barnes
My Baby Left Her Jinglin' John (For Foldin' Fred)Musicor1/1/68Dallas Frazier
My Baby's GoneEpic10/25/90Houser
My Cup Runneth OverU A1/1/62Darrell Edwards
My Elusive Dreams w Tammy WynetteEpic9/1/73Billy Sherrill/Curly Putman
My Favorite LiesXMusicor1/1/65George Jones/Jack Ripley
My Favorite LiesXEpic1/1/77George Jones/Jack Ripley
My Hearts BouquetU A1/1/64Dickens/Hall
My Lord Has Called MeMercury1/1/59J B Smith
My Loving WifeEpic3/3/73Earl Montgomery
My Mom And Santa Claus (Twistin' Santa Claus)XU A12/8/62Clyde w Beavers
My Mom And Santa ClausXMusicor11/23/68Clyde w Beavers
My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You w Gene PitneyMusicor2/1/65Ross/Wills
My Special MemoryMusicor1/1/72Jimmy Peppers
My Sweet ImogeneAce1/1/86George Jones
My Tears Are OverdueU A1/4/64F Hart

Near You w Tammy WynetteEpic12/11/76F Craig/K Goell
Never Been So WearyWingNEED DATENEED
Never Bit A Bullet Like This w Sammy KershawMCA11/23/93Jim Foste/Mark Petersen
Never Ending Song Of Love w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/74Delaney Bramlett
Never Grow ColdZMusicor1/1/71Geroge Jones/Tammy Wynette
Never Grow Cold w Tammy WynetteZEpic1/1/71Geroge Jones/Tammy Wynette
Never Having YouEpic1/1/73Tom T Hall
New Baby For ChristmasMercury11/4/57Blackwell/Jones
New Man In TownMusicor1/1/69Sanger D Shafer
New PatchesEpic1/1/87Collins
Night Life w Waylon JenningsEpic1/1/78Paul F Buskirk/Walter M Breeland/Willie Nelson
Night Spell w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/80Troy Seals/Eddie Setser/Mark Gray
Nighttime The (And My Baby)Epic1/1/76Stampley/Taylor/Wilson
No Blues Is Good NewsMusicor11/1/69E Noack
No Future For Me In Our PastMCA1/1/98Dillard/Martin
No Money In This DealXStarday3/6/54George Jones
No Money In This DealXMercury1/1/57George Jones
No No NeverMercury7/1/57George Jones/B Spurlock
No Show Jones w Merle HaggardEpic1/1/87George Jones/Glenn Martin
No Use To CryMercury1/1/59George Jones
Noah And The ArkEpic1/1/72Jenny Nell Strickland/Carmol Taylor
Nobody's Lonesome For MeMercury1/1/60Hank Williams
Not Even Friends w Margie SingletonMercury9/1/61Jimmy John
Not What I Had In MindU A1/5/63J Clement
Nothing Can Stop MeMercury6/23/58Roger Miller/George Jones
Nothing Ever Hurt Me (Half As Bad As Losing You)Epic6/23/73Bobby Braddock
Nothin' New For New Year w Harry Connick JrColumbia10/28/03Harry Connick Jr
Now Tell Me w Melba MontgomeryU A1/1/63P Hunter
Number One w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/75J Chesnut

O Come All Ye FaithfulColumbia1/1/80John Francis Wade/Frederick Oakeley
O Little Town Of BethlehemEpic1/1/80Lewis Henry Redner/Phillips Brooks
Oh Lonesome MeMercury1/1/61Gibson
Okie From MuskogeeMusicor1/1/84Burns/Haggard
Ol' FrankEpic1/1/86Harlan Howard/Max Barnes
Ol' George Stopped Drinkin' TodayEpic1/1/83Osbie Burnett McClinton
Ol' RedEpic8/20/90Goodman/Sherrill
Old Blue TomorrowMusicor1/1/69Darrell Edwards
Old Brush ArborsXMusicor1/1/65G Ardis/Darrell Edwards
Old Brush Arbors XRadioG Ardis/Darrell Edwards
Old Fashioned Singing w Tammy WynetteEpic11/25/72Tammy Wynette/Earl Montgomery
Old King KongEpic5/21/77S Lyons
Old Man No One LovesEpic1/1/87Asbill
Old Old House TheXU A1/1/63George Jones/H Bynum
Old Old House TheXMusicor6/2/09George Jones/H Bynum
Old Rugged Cross TheXMusicor1/31/94George Bennard
Old Rugged Cross TheXBandit4/1/03George Bennard
On Second ThoughtMusicor1/1/68C Carter
On The Back RowEpic1/1/72Chestnut/Wilson
On The Other HandBandit9/13/05Don Schlitz/Paul Overstreet
Once A DayXMusicor1/1/66Bill Anderson
Once A Day XRadioBill Anderson
Once More w Melba MontgomeryU A11/1/64D Ownes
Once You've Had The BestEpic11/24/73Johnny Paycheck
One Big FamilyCompleat1/1/85Ronnie McDowell/Troy Seals/Mike Reid
One By One w Margie Singleton - unissuedMercuryNANEED
One Excuse Is As Good As Another w Margie Singleton - unissuedMercuryNAGeorge Jones/Georgie Riddle
One Has My Name w Gene PitneyMusicor1/1/65Dean/Blair/Dean
One Hell Of A SongEpic1/1/87Ewing/Sherrill
One I Loved Back Then The (The Corvette Song)Epic11/1/85Gentry
One Is A Lonely NumberMercury1/1/61George Jones
One Of These DaysEpic2/12/72Earl Montgomery
One Of These Days (But Not Tonight)Epic1/1/83J Gillespie/S Webb
One w Tammy WynetteMCA6/1/95Bruce/Bruce/Peterson
Open Pit MineXU A5/12/62D T Gentry
Open Pit Mine - unissuedXMusicorNAD T Gentry
Open Pit Mine XRadioD T Gentry
Opry Rag [as By George Jones String Band]Starday6/1/58George Jones/Darrell Edwards/Herbie Treece
Our Bed Of RosesAsylum1/1/94Stegall/Turner
Our Happy HomeMusicor1/1/69Roy Acuff
Our Love Is ForeverMusicor1/1/96Jimmy Peppers
Our Love Was Ahead Of Its Time w Deborah AllenEpic1/1/84Bobby Braddock/Deborah Allen
Our Private LifeEpic6/8/74George Jones/Tammy Wynette
Our Way Of Life w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/73Earl Montgomery/Charlene Montgomery
Out Of ControlMercury6/20/60Darrell Edwards/George Jones/Treece
Over Something GoodEpic1/1/76Ermerson
Over YouMCA4/7/98Bobby Braddock

Painless Heart - unissuedStardayNANEED
Pair Of Old Sneakers A w Tammy WynetteEpic9/6/80Glenn Sutton/Larry Kingston
Papa's WagonMusicor1/1/72Carmol Taylor
Party Pickin' w Melba MontgomeryMusicor3/13/67Alex Zanetis
Pass Me By (If You're Only Passing Through)XEpic1/1/74Hillman Hall
Pass Me By (If Youre Only Passing Through)XBandit9/13/05Hillman Hall
Patches w B. B. KingMCA6/1/99Dunbar/Johnson
Peace In The ValleyXU A1/1/62Thomas Dorsey
Peace In The ValleyXBandit4/1/03Thomas Dorsey
Perfect Match w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/72Ben Peters/Glenn Sutton
Picture From Life's Other Side AZEpic4/4/90Hank Williams
Picture From Life's Other Side A w Waylon Jennings - unissuedZEpicNAHank Williams
Picture Of Me A (Without You)Epic10/28/72George Richey/Norris Wilson
Place In The CountryEpic10/25/90Clark/MacRae/Morrison
Play It Cool ManStarday5/29/54George Jones
Playing PossumMusicor1/1/71J Peppers
Please Be My Love w Melba MontgomeryU A7/4/64M Fields/C Sauceman
Please Don't Let That Woman Get MeXMusicor1/1/66Frazier
Please Don't Let That Woman Get Me XRadioFrazier
Please Don't Sell Me Anymore Whiskey TonightEpic1/1/77J Emerson/R McCown
Please Talk To My HeartU A1/1/64Johnny Mathis/J Fautheree
Poor ChineeMusicor2/3/68V Feuerbacher/E Noack
Poor Little Rich BoyXU A1/1/62Carter/Jones
Poor Little Rich BoyXMusicor6/2/09Carter/Jones
Poor Man's RichesXMercury1/1/61Barnes/Demerais
Poor Man's RichesXMusicor1/1/67Barnes/Demerais
Possom HollerMusicor1/1/68Dallas Frazier
Precious Jewel TheZU A1/1/62Roy Acuff
Precious Jewel The w Pete KirbyZRMENEED DATERoy Acuff
Precious Memories w Patti PageBandit4/1/03Lonnie B Combs/J B F Wright
Pretty Little Lady From Beaumont TexasEpic11/1/88Knutson/Owens
Proud Mary w Johnny PaycheckEpic1/1/78John Fogerty
Pyramid Of CansCBS10/30/89Murray F Cannon/Robert Phillip Corbin/Jimmy Darrell

Race Is On TheXU A8/16/64Don Rollins
Race Is On TheXMusicor1/1/66Don Rollins
Race Is On TheXEpic1/1/77Don Rollins
Race Is On The w Travis TrittZMCA10/11/94Don Rollins
Radio LoverEpic1/1/83Hellard/Jones/Putman
Rain Keeps A-Falling
aka Rain Rain
Starday1/1/62George Jones/J P Richarson/Roger Miller
Real Close FriendU A1/1/63George Jones/George Riddle
Real DealZAsylum1/1/94Dowell/Gattis
Real Deal The w Mike DenverZSharpe1/1/08Jim Dowell/Keith Gattis
Real McCoyEpic1/1/87Martin/Ryle
Release Me (From My Sin)Epic1/1/73Eddie Miller/W S Stevenson
Relief Is Just A Swallow AwayMercury1/1/63Doyle/Noack
Rest In PeaceEpic1/1/77Billy Sherill/George Richey
Revenooer ManMercury2/9/63Donny Young
Right In The Wrong Direction w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/80Garland Perry Cochran/Vern Gosdin/Willard Mack Vickery
Right Left Hand TheEpic1/1/86Knutson/Owens
Right Now I'd Come Back And Melt In Her ArmsEpic1/1/76Emerson
Right Or Wrong w Tanya Tucker & Leon Rausch & Tommy AllsupCommon Ground1/1/05Haven Gillespie/Arthur Sizemore/Paul Biese
Right Won't Touch A HandMusicor6/12/71Earl Montgomery
Rock It (as Thumper Jones)Starday5/5/56George Jones
Rock TheBNA10/2/01Russell Smith/Jim Varsos
Rockin' Years w Dolly PartonBandit8/19/08Floyd Parton
Roll Over Beethoven w Johnny PaycheckEpic1/1/79Chuck Berry
Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms w Melba MontgomeryZU A1/1/64Slatt
Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms w Tammy WynetteZEpic1/1/74Slatt
Roly PolyU A1/1/62Fred Rose
Root BeerU A1/1/62Darrell Edwards/George Jones
Rose From A Brides Bouquet AU A1/1/64Hale/Van Ness
Rosie BokayMusicor1/1/70Dallas Frazier/Sanger Shafer
Ruby Don't Take Your Love To TownMusicor1/1/68Tillis
Run 'em OffMusicor1/1/68Tony Lee/Onie Wheeler
Run BoyStarday1/1/57NEED
Running BearU A1/1/62J P Richardson

Saginaw MichiganHollywood1/1/82B Anderson/D Wayne
Same Old BoatMusicor1/1/69J Wallace/B Barnes
Same Ole Me w Oak Ridge BoysEpic1/1/81Paul Overstreet
Same Sweet Girl TheU A1/1/62Locklin
San Antonio RoseU A1/1/62Bob Wills
Say It's Not YouZMusicor2/3/68Dallas Frazier
Say It's Not You w Keith RichardsZMCA10/11/94Dallas Frazier
Sea Between Our HeartsMusicor1/1/65Darrell Edwards
Seasons Of My HeartXStarday1/1/55Darrell Edwards/George Jones
Seasons Of My HeartXU A1/1/63Darrell Edwards/George Jones
Seasons Of My HeartXMusicor1/1/68Darrell Edwards/George Jones
Second Handed FlowersEpic1/1/72Tom T Hall
Selfishness In Man TheZMusicor1/1/65Leon Payne
Selfishness In Man w Vince GillZBandit (from MCA)8/19/08Leon Payne
Settin' The Woods On FireMercury1/1/60Ed G Nelson/Fred Rose
Settle DownStarday1/1/61George Jones/Henderson
She Hung The MoonEpic1/1/83Bobby Braddock/S Braddock
She Knows What She's Crying AboutEpic1/1/72Riggs
She Loved A Lot In Her TimeMCA10/15/91Randy Boudreaux/Sam Hogin/Kim Williams
She Loves Me (Right Out Of My Mind)Epic1/1/72Oldham/Weller
She Needs MeEpic1/1/76Bill Emerson/Earl Montgomery
She Once Lived HereZU A1/1/62Inman
She Once Lived Here w Ricky SkaggsZBandit (from MCA)8/19/08Autry Inman
She Once Made A Romeo CryEpic1/1/75Emerson/Emerson
She Should Belong To MeEpic1/1/75George Jones/Tammy Wynette
She Thinks I Still CareXU A3/3/62Dickey Lee
She Thinks I Still CareXMusicor1/1/67Dickey Lee
She Thinks I Still CareXEpic1/1/77Dickey Lee
She Told Me SoEpic1/1/74Bobby Braddock
She Treats Her Body Like A Temple w Confederate RailroadAudium8/14/01Melvern Rutherford/Craig Wiseman
She'll Love The One She's WithEpic1/1/74Hank Cochran/Martin
She's All I GotZEpic1/1/72Gary U S Bonds/Jerry Williams Jr
She's All I Got w Larry CordleZSugar Hill8/10/04Gary U S Bonds/Jerry Williams Jr
She's As Close As I Can Get To Loving YouMusicor1/1/70Schweers
She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory w Tammy WynetteMCA6/20/95John Schweers
She's Lonesome AgainXU A1/1/63George Jones/Riddle
She's Lonesome AgainXMusicor1/1/74George Jones/Riddle
She's MineXU A1/1/64L Ripley
She's MineXMusicor11/1/69L Ripley
She's MineXEpic1/1/77L Ripley
She's More Of A WomanMusicor6/2/09NEED
She's My Mother w Melba MontgomeryU A1/1/63Charlie Louvin/L Louvin
She's My RockEpic8/1/84S K Dobbins
Shine On (Shine All Your Sweet Love On Me)Epic1/1/82Johnny MacRae/Bob Morrison
Ship Of LoveMusicor10/2/65George Jones/Earl Montgomery/Johnny Paycheck
Shoe Goes On The Other Foot TonightMusicor1/1/67Buddy Mize
Shoulder To ShoulderMusicor1/1/69Dallas Frazier
Show's Almost OverEpic1/1/83C Howard
Sick Sober And Sorry w Merle HaggardBandit10/24/06Tex Atchison/E Hazlewood
Silent NightMCA1/1/96Franz Gruber/John Freeman Young/Joseph Mohr
Silent PartnersMCA11/23/93Bobby Braddock
Silver Bells w Gene WatsonColumbia10/17/90Jay Livingston/Ray Evans
Silver Dew On The Blue Grass TonightU A1/1/62E Burt
Silver Eagle w Merle HaggardEpic11/10/82Freddy Powers/Gary Church
Simply Divine w Melba MontgomeryMusicor1/1/66Melba Montgomery
Sing Me Back HomeBandit10/24/06Merle Haggard
Singing The BluesStarday1/1/56Melvin Endsley
Sinners And SaintsAsylum1/1/94Rudd/Vipperman/Worley
Six Days On The RoadMusicor1/1/66Earl Montgomery/Carl Montgomery/Earl Green
Six Foot Deep Six Foot DownEpic6/1/90Cook/Putman/Rains
Size Seven Round (Made Of Gold) w Lacy J DaltonEpic1/1/84M Fields/G Lumpkin
Skip A RopeBandit9/13/05Glenn D Tubb/Jack Moran
Slave LoverMercury1/1/63George Jones
Slow Burning Fire w Terri GibbsEpic1/1/84Jan Bidewell Buckingham/Vicki Smith
Smack DabMCA4/7/98T W Hale/Kerry Kurt Philips
Smack Dab In The Middle w Johnny PaycheckEpic1/1/79Hale/Phillips
Small Time Laboring ManMusicor1/1/67George Jones/Earl Montgomery
Small Y'allZMCA4/7/98Bobby Braddock
Small Y'All w Kenny ChesneyZBNA9/28/10Bobby Braddock
Softly And TenderlyBandit4/1/03Will Larmartine Thompson
Soldier's Last LetterMusicor1/1/68Ernest Tubb/Henry Redd Stewart
Solid As A Rock w Tammy WynetteMCA6/20/95Barnes/Merle Haggard
Some Kind Of A Woman w Tommy CashInLight9/1/08Tommy Cash/Jimmy Peppers
Somebody Always Paints The WallEpic8/20/90Browder/Kahanek/Larkin/Smith
Somebody Wants Me Out Of The WayEpic1/1/85Dennis John Knutson/Arthur Leo Owens
Someday I'm Gonna Leave You - unissuedEpicNAEarl Montgomery
Someday My Day Will ComeEpic6/30/79Earl Montgomery/C. Ryder/V.Haywood
Someday You'll Want Me To Want You w Gene PitneyMusicor1/1/65Jimmy Hodges
Someone I Used To Know w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/71Clement
Someone Sweet To LoveXMercury1/1/63George Jones
Someone Sweet To LoveXMusicor6/12/71George Jones
Someone That You Used To KnowEpic8/20/90Tempchin/Whitlock
Someone's Watching Over YouU A1/1/62J P Richardson
Something I DreamedXU A5/23/64Harlan Howard
Something I DreamedXRadioHarlan Howard
Something To Brag About w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/71Bobby Braddock
Sometimes You Just Can't WinXU A3/3/62Smokey Stover
Sometimes You Just Can't WinXMusicor3/20/71Smokey Stover
Southern California w Tammy WynetteEpic7/16/77Billy Sherrill/George Richey/Roger Bowling
Spaghetti Western Swing w Brad Paisley & Little Jimmy Dickens & Bill AndersonArista7/22/03Mark Grantt/Brad Paisley/Frank Rogers
Sparkling Brown EyesMercury2/8/60Billy Cox
Stand On My Own Two KneesEpic1/1/76Bowing/Crutchfield
Star Spangled BannerMCANEED DATEFrancis Scott Key
Starting TodayEpicNEED DATENEED
Stay On Board
This song may be by The Gaylords
Steel Guitar RagU A1/1/62Leon McAuliffe/Cliffie Stone/Merle Travis
Still Doin' TimeEpic9/1/81M P Heeney/J Mofat
Still Hurtin'XStarday1/14/56George Jones
Still Hurtin' - unissuedXU ANAGeorge Jones
Stolen Moments - unissuedStardayNASid Wayne/Joe Sherman
Stranger In The House w Elvis CostelloEpic1/1/78Elvis Costello
Stranger's MeMusicor1/1/68Dallas Frazier
Sugar Daddy w Bellamy BrothersCurb3/29/05David Bellamy
Suppose Tonight Would Be Our Last w Melba MontgomeryU A1/1/63George Jones/Melba Montgomery
Sweet Dream (Of You)Starday1/1/56Gibson
Sweet ThangMusicor1/1/67Nat Stuckey
Sweeter Than The Flowers w Gene PitneyMusicor1/1/65Rouse/Burns/Mann
Swing Low Sweet ChariotBandit4/1/03Traditional
Swinging DoorsMusicor1/1/68Merle Haggard
Swoop Down Sweet JesusEpic4/4/90Anderson/Bohon/Emerson

Taggin' AlongXStarday8/11/56George Jones/B Stephens
Taggin' AlongXMusicor1/1/67George Jones/B Stephens
Take MeXMusicor10/2/65Leon Payne/George Jones
Take Me - overdubbed with stringsXMusicor10/2/65Leon Payne/George Jones
Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go)U A1/1/64Bryant
Take Me Back To TulsaU A1/1/62Tommy Duncan/Bob Wills
Take Me To Your WorldAsylum9/8/98Billy Sherrill/Glen Sutton
Take Me w Tammy WynetteEpic12/25/71George Jones/Leon Payne
Take The Devil Out Of MeMercury10/21/57George Jones
Take The World But Give Me JesusMusicor7/18/67Benny Barnes
Take These Chains From My HeartU A1/1/62H Heath/Fred Rose
Talk About Lovin' w Margie SingletonMercury4/21/62Johnny Mathis
Talk Back Trembling LipsXMusicor1/1/66Loudermilk
Talk Back Trembling LipsXShanachie8/28/07J D Loudermilk
Talk To Me Lonesome HeartXMercury1/1/61Gene O'Gwynn
Talk To Me Lonesome HeartXMusicor1/1/67James O Gwynn
Talkin' About Jesus w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/72Earl Montgomery
Talking To Hank w Mark ChesnuttMCA3/31/92Bobby Harden
Tall Tall TreesMercury8/26/57George Jones/Roger Miller
Tammy I'm Sorry - unissuedEpicNAEarl Montgomery
Tarnished AngelXMercury1/1/63Miller
Tarnished Angel XRadioMiller
Tattletale Eyes w Tammy WynetteEpic12/11/76J Emerson
Tavern Choir w Jim LauderdaleBandit8/19/08Dennis Knutson/A L Doodle Owens
Tear Me Out Of The PictureMCA11/23/93Lawler/Rice/Rice
Telephone Call The w Tina WynetteEpic3/1/74Billy Sherrill/C Taylor
Tell Me My Lying Eyes Are WrongMusicor7/4/70Frazier/Shafer
Tell Me Something I Don't KnowMusicor1/1/69Jimmy Peppers
Tender YearsXMercury6/5/61Darrell Edwards
Tender YearsXMusicor1/1/67Darrell Edwards
Tender YearsXEpic1/1/77Darrell Edwards
Your Tender Years XRadioDarrell Edwards
Tennessee WhiskeyEpic8/1/83Dean Dillon/Linda Hargrove
That Heart Belongs To MeMusicor1/1/67Webb Pierce
That Singing Friend Of MineEpic1/1/72Putman
That's All It Took w Gene PitneyMusicor1/1/65Darrell Edwards/C Grier/George Jones
That's Good That's Bad w Lacy J. DaltonEpic1/1/85M Garvin/R Hellard
That's The Way I FeelMercury1/1/59George Jones/Roger Miller
That's Why I Sing This Way w Barry SmithXXX1/1/01Max D Barnes
There Ain't No Grave Deep EnoughMusicor1/1/68Dallas Frazier
There Goes My EverythingMusicor1/1/67Dallas Frazier
There'll Be No Teardrops TonightMercury1/1/60Hank Williams
There's A Friend In The Way w Melba MontgomeryU A1/1/63Onie Wheeler
There's Gonna Be OneMercury1/1/82NEED
There's No JusticeXU A1/1/63Leon Payne
There's No JusticeXMusicor1/1/71Leon Payne
There's No Two Sides To Christ - unissuedEpicNAEarl Montgomery
There's Nothing Left For YouMusicor1/1/68Dallas Frazier
There's Power In Our Love w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/72Earl Montgomery
There's The DoorMCA10/27/92Nelson/Nelson
These Days (I Barely Get By)Epic3/22/75George Jones/Tammy Wynette
These HandsMusicor1/1/70E Noack
These Old Eyes Have Seen It AllEpic9/1/86Claude Putman Jr./Kenneth Eugene Jones/Ron Hellard
They'll Never Take Her Love From MeXU A1/1/62Leon Payne
They'll Never Take Her Love From MeXMusicor1/1/71Leon Payne
They're Playing Our Song w Tammy WynetteMCA6/20/95Dae/Jackson/Moore
They've Got Millions In MilwaukeeEpic1/1/77L Cheshier/Glen Sutton
Things Have Gone To PiecesXMusicor2/6/65Leon Payne
Things Have Gone To Pieces XRadioLeon Payne
Third Time DownMusicor1/1/72Benny Barnes/Jack Ray Wallace
This Bottle (In My Hand) w David Allan CoeEpic6/14/05David Allan Coe
This Growing Old Together Love We Share w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/73Norro Wilson/C Taylor/J Strickland
This Wanting YouAsylum1/1/94Bouton/Brown/Burch
Those Were The Days w Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner & Brenda Lee & Jeannie SeelySugar Hill10/11/05Eugene Raskin
Those Were The Good Times w Tammy WynetteEpic5/17/75G Martin
Thoughts On The Flag w Tommy Cash & Johnny Cash & Tom T HallPlayback1/1/91Tom T Hall
Thousand Times A Day AMCA11/23/93Burr/Nicholson
Three's A CrowdU A1/1/62Darrell Edwards/George Jones/Treece
Tied To A StoneMCA8/13/96Max D Barnes
Till I Hear From YouMusicor1/1/65George Jones/Jack Ripley
Time Changes EverythingU A1/1/62Tommy Duncan
Time Is On My SideBeyond9/30/97Jerry Ragavoy (as Norman Meade)
Time LockXMercury1/1/64Joe Carson
Time LockXMusicor1/1/67Joe Carson
To Live On Love w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/72Earl Montgomery
Today I Started Loving You AgainBandit9/13/05Buck Owens/Merle Haggard
Today I Started Loving You Again w Brenda Lee - unissuedEpicNABuck Owens/Merle Haggard
Together AloneEpic1/1/81Bobby Braddock
Tomorrow Never ComesEpic1/1/72Johnny Bond/Ernest Tubb
Too Cold At HomeBandit9/13/05Bobby Lamoyne Harden
Too Country w Brad Paisley & Bill Anderson & Buck OwensArista5/29/01Bill Anderson/Chuck Cannon
Too Much WaterMercury4/29/57Sonny James/George Jones
Too Wild Too LongEpic1/1/87Seals/Setser
Touch Of WildernessEpic1/1/75Emerson
Touching Shoulders w Tammy WynetteEpic4/7/73Tammy Wynette/George Jones
Tramp On Your StreetBNA10/2/01Billy Joe Shaver
Traveller's Prayer w Sweethearts Of The RodeoEpic1/1/89Gretchen Peters
Treasure Of LoveXMercury10/13/58Jones/Richardson
Treasure Of LoveXMusicor1/1/67Jones/Richardson
Trouble In MindU A1/1/62J Valentine
Truckstop w Marty Stuart & Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, Pam Tillis, Larry Mars, Johnny CounterfeitMCA6/15/99Marty Stuart
TryMusicor1/1/71P Vandergriff
Try It You'll Like ItEpic5/20/72J Peppers
Tutti Frutti w Johnny PaycheckEpic1/1/79Dorothy La Bostrie/Joe Lubin/Richard W Penniman
Two Old Cats Like Us w Jack GreenePretty World9/8/10Troy Seals
Two Story House w Tammy WynetteEpic3/1/80Tubb/Lindsey

U.S.A. Today TheEpic1/1/87Hellard/MacRae
Uh-Uh NoMercury1/19/57George Jones
Unclouded Day TheMusicor1/1/67Traditional
Unfaithful OneMusicor1/1/66J M Lyle
Unknown Title w Christie Lynn & Patty Loveless & Porter WagonerUnknown1/1/01NEED
Until I Remember You're GoneMusicor1/1/69Dallas Frazier
Until Then w Melba MontgomeryU A3/1/63Melba Montgomery/Charlene Montgomery
Unwanted BabiesMusicor2/3/68Earl Montgomery

Very Best Of Me TheEpic1/1/86G Gentry/M Sherrill
Visit TheMCA11/23/93Ellsworth/Rodgers/Stefl
Vitamins L-O-V-EMercury1/1/64George Jones/Sid Kassel

Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus w Melba MontgomeryU A1/1/64H Houser
Waiting For A Train w Charlie LouvinTompkins Square2/20/07Jimmie Rodgers
Walk Through This World With MeXMusicor1/1/66Kay J Savage/Sandra Seamons
Walk Through This World With MeXEpic1/1/77Kay J Savage/Sandra Seamons
Walk Through This World With Me w Daryle SingletaryZAudium5/7/02Kay J Savage/Sandra Seamons
Walls Can FallMCA10/27/92Bouton/Dycus/Yates
Waltz Of The Angels w Margie SingletonMercury4/21/62D Reynolds/J Rhodes
Wandering SoulXMercury6/30/58B Dudley/George Jones
Wandering SoulXU A1/1/62B Dudley/George Jones
Wandering SoulXMusicor1/1/67B Dudley/George Jones
Warm Red WineU A1/1/62Cindy Walker
Wasted WordsMercury1/1/57Gibson
Way I Am TheBandit10/24/06Throckmorton
We Believe In Each Other w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/72Claude Putman Jr
We Can Make ItEpic2/12/72Billy Sherrill/Glen Sutton
We CouldZU A1/1/64Bryant
We Could w Tammy WynetteZEpic1/1/80Bryant
We Didn't See A Thing w Ray Charles & Chet AtkinsEpic11/1/83Ray Charles / Chet Atkins
We Found A MatchEpic1/1/72Earl Montgomery
We Go Together w Tammy WynetteEpic12/25/71Danny Walls/Norris Wilson/Sammy Lyons
We Love To Sing About Jesus w Tammy WynetteEpic11/25/72Earl Montgomery/Tammy Wynette
We Loved It Away w Tammy WynetteEpic7/27/74George Richey/C Taylor
We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds w Melba MontgomeryXU A3/1/63Melba Melba Montgomery
We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds w Melba MontgomeryXMusicor1/1/66Melba Melba Montgomery
We Oughta Be AshamedEpic6/30/79George Jones/Earl Montgomery
We Sure Make Good Love w Loretta LynnZEpic1/1/84Becky Hobbs/Mark Sherrill
We Sure Make Good Love w Leona WilliamsZL W1/1/08Becky Hobbs/Mark Sherrill
Wean MeEpic10/26/74George Jones/Tammy Wynette
Wearing My Heart AwayMusicor2/6/65George Jones
Weatherman TheEpic1/1/74Richey/Taylor/Wilson
Wedding BellsXU A1/1/62Boone
Wedding Bells XRadioBoone
Well It's All RightMusicor1/1/65C Walker
We'll Talk About It Later w Tammy WynetteEpic9/6/80Tammy Wynette
We'll Understand It
aka Farther Along
Mercury1/1/59W York
We're Gonna Hold On w Tammy WynetteEpic9/1/73George Jones/Earl Montgomery
We're Gonna Try To Get Along w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/72J Peppers
We're Not) The Jet Set w Tammy WynetteEpic2/9/74Bobby Braddock
We're Putting It Back Together w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/75D Walls/S Lyons
We're Watching Our StepMusicor1/1/65Earl Montgomery/Melba Montgomery
What A Friend We Have In JesusBandit4/1/03Charles Crozat Converse/Joseph Scriven
What My Woman Can't DoEpic3/3/73Earl Montgomery/Billy Sherrill/George Jones
What Am I Doing ThereMCA10/27/92Brock/Turner
What Am I WorthXStarday1/1/55Darrell Edwards/George Jones
What Am I WorthXU A1/1/62Darrell Edwards/George Jones
What I Didn't DoBNA10/2/01michael Noble/Wood Newton
What I Do BestEpic1/1/75Bowling
What Love Can Do) The Second Time AroundEpic1/1/83Jones/Montgomery/Sherrill
Whatcha Gonna DoMercury1/1/64Newman
What Ever Happened To Us w Tammy WynetteMCA6/20/95Kees/Sampson
What's Bad For You Is Good For MeMusicor1/1/65Melba Montgomery/Carl Montgomery
What's In Our Hearts w Melba MontgomeryU A9/21/63George Jones/Johnny Mathis
What's Money Can't DoU A8/28/65Billy Jean Horton
What's Wrong With YouStarday5/14/55NEED
What's Your Mama's Name ChildEpic1/1/73Dallas Frazier/Earl Montgomery
When Did You Stop Lovin' MeMCA4/7/98Holmes/Kees
When I Stop Dreaming w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/73Charles Louvin/Ira Louvin
When Jesus Takes His Children Home w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/72Duff Goff/Mark Sherrill
When Love Was GreenMusicor1/1/68Dallas Frazier
When Mama Sang (The Angels Stopped To Listen)Bandit4/1/03Danny Walls/Bob Warren
When My Heart Hurts No MoreXMercury1/6/62Darrell Edwards/Helen Cross
When My Heart Hurts No MoreXMusicor1/1/67Darrell Edwards/Helen Cross
When The Grass Grows Over MeZMusicor11/23/68Don Chapel
When The Grass Grows Over Me w Mark ChesnuttZBandit (from MCA)8/19/08Don Chapel
When The Last Curtain FallsAsylum1/1/94Gordy/Rushing
When The Wife Runs OffMusicor7/19/69Earl Montgomery
When True Love Steps In w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/71C Taylor/S Tackitt
When Two Worlds Collide w Margie SingletonMercury9/29/62Bill Anderson/Roger Miller
When Your House Is Not A HomeU A1/1/64Miller
When Your Phone Don't Ring (It'll Be Me)Epic1/1/78Hank Cochran/Martin
When You're Ugly Like Us (You Just Naturally Got To Be Cool) w Johnny PaycheckEpic6/21/80Donald Goodman/Rick Schulman
Where Could I GoMusicor1/1/72James B Coats
Where Did The Sunshine GoU A1/1/64Bryant/Bryant
Where Does A Little Tear Come FromU A5/23/64M Barton/J McCrae
Where Grass Won't GrowZMusicor1/1/69Earl Montgomery
Where Grass Won't Grow w Emmylou Harris & Dolly Parton & Trisha YearwoodZMCA10/11/94Earl Montgomery
Where The Soul Never DiesMusicor7/7/99William M. Golden/R. E. Winsett
Where The Tall Grass GrowsMCA10/15/91Randy Boudreaux/Andy Spooner//Kerry KrutPhillips
Where We'll Never Grow OldXMusicor1/1/65George Jones
Where We'll Never Grow OldXBandit4/1/03George Jones
White LightingXMercury2/9/59J P Richardson
White LightningXMusicor1/1/66J P Richardson
White Lightnin'XEpic1/1/77J P Richardson
White Lightnin' w Mark KnopflerZMCA10/11/94J P Richardson
Who Shot SamMercury6/22/59Darrell Edwards/George Jones
Who Will I Be Loving NowEpic1/1/74Taylor/Wilson
Whole Lot Of Trouble For YouEpic7/1/85NEED
Who'll Turn Out The LightMusicor1/1/74Mack Vickery/Wayne Kemp
Who's Gonna Fill Their ShoesEpic7/1/85Max D Barnes/Troy Seals
Why Baby WhyXStarday1/1/55Darrell Edwards/George Jones
Why Baby WhyXMercury1/1/75Darrell Edwards/George Jones
Why Baby Why w Gene PitneyZMusicor1/1/65Darrell Edwards/George Jones
Why Baby WhyXEpic1/1/77Darrell Edwards/George Jones
Why Baby Why w Ricky SkaggsZMCA10/11/94Darrell Edwards/George Jones
Why Don't You Love MeMercury1/1/60Hank Williams
Why Me LordXEpic1/1/73Kris Kristofferson
Why Me LordXBandit4/1/03Kris Kristofferson
Wild Irish RoseMCA1/1/98Bobby Braddock
Will I Ever Love AgainMusicor6/2/09Bruce Channel/Margaret Cobb
Will The Circle Be UnbrokenZMercury1/1/59Carter/York
Will The Circle Be Unbroken w Pop & Mavis StaplesZEpic1/1/78Carter/York
Will There Be Any Stars In My CrownMusicor1/1/65Traditional
Will There Ever Be Another w Melba MontgomeryU A7/4/64Melba Montgomery/G Montgomery
Will You Travel Down This Road With Me w Tammy WynetteMCA6/20/95Kane/OHara
Will You Visit Me On SundaysMusicor1/1/70Dallas Frazier
Window ShoppingMercury1/1/60Marcel Joseph
Window Up Above TheXMercury6/20/60George Jones
Window Up AboveXMusicor1/1/67George Jones
Window Up Above TheXEpic1/1/77George Jones
Window Up Above The w Ralph StanleyZRebel5/19/98George Jones
Window Up Above w Leon RussellZBandit (from MCA)8/19/08George Jones
Wine (You've Used Me Long Enough)Epic6/23/73George Jones/Tammy Wynette
Wine Colored RosesEpic9/1/86Knutson/Owens
Wings Of A DoveU A1/1/62Bob Ferguson
Wino The ClownEpic1/1/83R Hellard/Curly Putman/B Jones
With Half A HeartXMercury1/1/62Leon Payne
With Half A HeartXMusicor1/1/71Leon Payne
Without A ReasonU A1/1/64George Jones/Johnny Mathis
Woman Loves Me RightEpic1/1/74Earl Montgomery
Wonderful World Outside w Ralph StanleyFreeland6/14/05Carter Stanley/Ralph Stanley
Won't It Be Wonderful ThereMusicor1/1/65Traditional
Wood And WireBNA10/2/01Kenny Beard/Michael Mahler
World Needs A Melody The w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/73Johnny Slate/Larry Henley/Red Lane
World Of Forgotten PeopleXMusicor1/1/66Loretta Lynn
World Of Forgotten People XRadioLoretta Lynn
World's Worst LoserXU A1/1/64Autry Inman
World's Worst Loser XRadioAutry Inman
Worried Man BluesDualtone8/24/04A P Carter
Worried MindU A1/1/62Ted Daffan/Jimmie Davis
Worst Of LuckMusicor1/1/65Joe Poovey
Would It Do Me Any GoodXMusicor6/2/09Earl Montgomery
Would It Do Me Any Good - unissuedXEpicNAEarl Montgomery
Would They Love Him Down In ShreveportEpic4/4/90Bobby Braddock
Wouldn't I w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/74Bobby Braddock/Curly Putman
Wouldn't It Be SomethingU A11/12/07George Jones/Johnny Mathis
Wound Time Can't EraseMusicor1/1/72Bill D Johnson
Wrapped Around Her FingerMusicor1/1/72George Jones/Tammy Wynette
Wreck On The Highway w Gene PitneyMusicor2/6/65D Dixon
Writing On The WallEpic7/1/89Fischer/Weller
Wrong About You w Sonny BurnsStarday5/29/54George Jones
Wrong NumberXU A1/1/64George Jones/D Overby
Wrong Number - unissuedXMusicorNAGeorge Jones/D Overby
Wrong Side Of The WorldMusicor1/1/68Alex Zanetis
Wrong's What I Do BestMCA10/27/92Campbell/Lee/Weller

Y'all Come w Gene PitneyMusicor1/1/65Arlie Duff
Yearning w Jeanette HicksZStarday12/8/56George Jones/Eddings
Yearning w Margie SingletonZMercury3/21/57George Jones/Eddings
YearningZMusicor6/2/09George Jones/Eddings
Yes I Know WhyXStarday1/1/55Pierce
Yes I Know WhyXU A1/1/62Webb Pierce
Yes I Know WhyXAudium1/8/02Webb Pierce
Yes I Know Why XRadioWebb Pierce
Yesterday's Wine w Merle HaggardZEpic7/24/82Willie Nelson
Yesterday's Wine w Blackberry Smoke & Jamey JohnsonZBama Jam9/29/09Willie Nelson
You All GoodnightStarday9/25/54George Jones/Broadway
You Always Look Your Best (Here In My Arms)Epic5/22/76Kasser/Kosser/Pippin/Putnam
You And Me And Time w Georgette JonesBandit8/19/08Georgette Jones/Mark Milburn/Don Plummer
You And Me Together w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/72J Peppers
You And Your Sweet LoveMusicor1/1/72Anderson
You Better Move On w Johnny PaycheckEpic1/1/79Alexander
You Better Treat Your Man RightXMercury11/14/64Raney
You Better Treat Your Man RightXEpic11/14/64Raney
You Can Always Come BackMusicor1/1/72Curly Putman
You Can Have Her w Johnny PaycheckEpic5/26/79William Cook
You Can't Do Wrong And Get By w Ricky SkaggsEpic1/1/89J Rushing/L Cordie
You Can't Get The Hell Out Of TexasEpic1/1/81John Hadley/Jim Stafford
You Comb Her HairXU A6/22/63Hank Cochran/Harlan Howard
You Comb Her Hair XRadioHank Cochran/Harlan Howard
You Couldn't Get The PictureMCA9/1/91Chuck Harter
You Done Me WrongXU A1/1/63George Jones/Ray Price
You Done Me WrongXMCA10/15/91George Jones/Ray Price
You Don't Seem To Miss Me w Patty LovelessEpic6/14/05J D Loudermilk
You Gotta Be My BabyXStarday6/30/56George Jones
You Gotta Be My BabyXMercury1/1/57George Jones
You Gotta Be My BabyXMusicor1/1/74George Jones
You Gotta Be My BabyXRadioGeorge Jones
You Made A Believer Out Of MeMusicor1/1/72Robert Lee 'Bob' McDill
You Must Have Walked Across My Mind AgainXEpic1/1/83Kemp/Robb
You Must Have Walked Across My Mind AgainXMCA10/27/92Kemp/Robb
You Never Know Just How Good You've Got ItAsylum1/1/94Nesler
You Never Looked That Good When You Were Mine w Patti PageEpic1/1/86MacRae
You Never ThoughtMercury1/1/57George Jones
You Oughta Be Here With MeEpic8/20/90Miller
You Put Living Back In LifeMusicor6/2/09Jimmy Peppers
You Take Me For GrantedBandit10/24/06Leona Williams
You Win AgainU A1/1/62Hank Williams
You've Still Got A Place In My HeartEpic1/1/83L Rayne
You'll Never Grow Old (To Me)Epic1/1/73Earfl Montgomery/tammy Wynette
Your Angel Steps Out Of HeavenMusicor5/1/68J Ripley
Your Cheating HeartU A1/1/62Hank Williams
Your HeartStarday4/7/56George Jones/Henderson
Your Heart Turned Left (And I Was On The Right)U A1/4/64Harlan Howard
Your Kind Of Loving Won't DoU A1/1/63George Jones/George Riddle
Your Lying Blue EyesEpic1/1/83K McDuffie
Your Old StandbyZMercury6/4/60Jim Eanes/Wade Perry
Your Old Standby w Gene PitneyZMusicor10/2/65Jim Eanes/Wade Perry
Your Shining Face w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/73Buddy Killen/J Allen
Your Steppin' StoneMusicor1/1/66Major Luper/Bozo Darnell
You're Back AgainMercury1/1/59Hank Locklin/George Jones
You're Everything w Tammy WynetteEpic1/1/71Tammy Wynette
You're Gonna ChangeU A1/1/62Hank Williams
You're In My HeartStarday3/6/54George Jones
You're Lookin' At A Happy ManEpic1/1/73Jones/Taylor
You're Still On My MindXMercury7/14/62Luke McDaniel
You're Still On My MindXMusicor1/1/72Luke McDaniel
You're Still On My Mind w Marty StuartZBandit (from MCA)8/19/08Luke McDaniel
You're The Best LivingEpic1/1/76Emerson
You've Become My EverythingMusicor1/1/69C Carter
You've Got A Friend In Me w Kathy MatteaWalt Disney9/10/96Randall Newman
You've Got The Best Of Me AgainEpic8/13/77B House/E Rowell

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