Billie Jo Spears Singles

Notations after Song Title:
(O) = Only time Released
(F) = First Release

Abbott 144 as Billie Jo Moore09/01/53Too Old For Toys Too Young For Boys (O) / FLIP SIDE - Mel Blanc - I Dess I Dotta Doe
United Artists 5002205/01/66Conscience Keep An Eye On Me (O) / If That's What It Takes (O)
United Artists 5009211/01/66Not Enough Of You To Go Around (O) / You're Too Much Like Me (F)
United Artists 5018406/01/67Easy To Be Evil (O) / Much Too Busy To Cry (O)
Capitol 227908/01/68Harper Valley PTA (F) / Home Loving Man (F)
Capitol 233111/01/68He's Got More Love In His Little Finger (F) / A Woman Of The World (F)
Capitol 243603/01/69Mr Walker It's All Over (F) / Tips And Tables (F)
Capitol 259308/01/69Softly And Tenderly (F) / Stepchild (F)
Capitol 269011/01/69Daddy I Love You (F) / Look Out Your Window (F)
Capitol 276903/01/70Meanwhile Back In My Heart (F) / Midnight Train (F)
Capitol 284406/01/70Marty Gray (F) / True Love (F)
Capitol 296410/01/70Come On Home (F) / I Stayed Long Enough (F)
Capitol 305502/01/71Break Away (F) / It Coulda Been Me (F)
Capitol 325812/01/71Souvenirs And California Mem'ries (F) / What A Love I Have In You (F)
Brite Star 497201/01/72If Your Leaving Don't Kill Me w Roger Ricker (O) / Just Remember I Love You w Roger Ricker (O)
Broadland 191NEED DATEOne Smokey Rose (O) / NEED FLIP SIDE SONG
Cutlass 13301/01/72Look What They've Done To My Song Ma (F) / Sunshine (F)
Cutlass 813901/01/73Ease The Want In Me (F) / Cheatin' Kind (F)
United Artists XW549-X09/01/74All I Want Is You (F) / See The Funny Little Clown (F)
United Artists XW584-X01/01/75Blanket On The Ground (F) / Come On Home (F)
United Artists XW653-Y05/01/75Before Your Time (F) / Stay Away From The Aplle Tree (F)
United Artists XW712-Y09/01/75Silver Wings And Golden Rings (F) / Then Give Him Back To Me (F)
United Artists XW764-Y02/01/76Every Time Two Fools Collide (F) / What I've Got In Mind (Ain't Mine) (F)
United Artists XW797-Y04/01/76On The Rebound w Del Reeves (F) / What's Our Love Coming To w Del Reeves (O)
Capitol 427205/01/76Faded Love (F) / Heart Over Mind (F)
United Artists XW813-Y05/01/76Let's Try To Wake It Up Again (F) / Misty Blue (F)
United Artists XW832-Y07/01/76Nothing Seems To Work Anymore w Del Reeves (F) / Teardrops Will Kiss The Morning Dew w Del Reeves (F)
United Artists XW880-Y11/01/76No Other Man (F) / Never Did Like Whiskey (F)
United Artists XW935-Y01/01/77I'm Not Easy (F) / Too Far Gone (F)
United Artists XW985-Y04/01/77Don't Ever Let Go Of Me (F) / If You Want Me (F)
United Artists XW104107/01/77End Of Me (F) / Too Much Is Not Enough (F)
United Artists XW112711/01/77His Little Something On This Side (F) / Lonely Hearts Club (F)
United Artists X1190-Y03/01/78I've Got To Go (F) / There's More To A Tear (F)
United Artists X1229-Y07/01/7857 Chevrolet (F) / Lovin' Kind (F)
United Artists X1251-Y10/01/78Love Ain't Gonna Wait For Us (F) / Say It Again (F)
United Artists X1274-Y01/01/79Miracle Of Love (F) / Yesterday (F)
United Artists X1292-Y04/01/79I Will Survive (F) / Rainy Days And Stormy Nights (F)
United Artists X1309-Y07/01/79Livin' Our Love Together (F) / You (F)
United Artists X1326-Y10/01/79Everyday I Have To Cry (F) / Rainy Days And Stormy Nights
United Artists X1336-Y02/01/80Freedom Song (F) / Standing Tall (F)
United Artists X1358-Y06/01/80Natural Attraction (F) / You Could Know As Much About A Stranger (F)
Liberty 139511/01/80Rose Garden (F) / Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad (F)
Liberty 140903/01/81Snowbird (F) / What The World Neeeds Now Is Love (F)
Ritz 02708/01/82We Could (O) / Apologizing Roses (F)
Ritz 06001/01/83Every Time Two Fools Collide (F) / I'm Not That Good At Goodbye (F)
Ritz 04205/01/83I Can Hear Kantucky Calling Me (O) / Swingin' (F)
Parliament PA-1801-NSD11/01/83Midnight Blue (F) / Midnight Love (F)

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