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This is a work in progress to list all of Billie Jo Spears recordings.

One of our favorite Female Country Music singers.
My wife got me hooked on her when she had me make a CD for her of several of Billie Jo's albums.

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Billie Jo Spears Discography
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How accurate is this information? Only as good as the data I currently have been able to find and only as good as my typing goes. I am my own proof reader. If you have ever had to do your own proof reading on a large amount of data, as this project is, you will find it is easy to overlook something that is obvious to someone else. Hopefully, I will get feedback with corrections and addtions. Any input will be greatly appreciated, not only by me, but anyone else who is a Billie Jo Spears fan.

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So far as I have been able to research the list below is the record labels Billie Jo has recorded for:
Abbott (One song) 1953
United Artists 1964
Capitol 1968
Brite Star and Cutlass early 70's
United Artists 1974 / 1975
Liberty (UA?) 1981?
Ritz 1983
Parliament 1984
Premier 1984
Dot/MCA 1986
Carlton 90s?
Broadland 1991
Music for Pleasure 1996

I have recorded all the Billie Jo Spears material I have collected so far (33 Albums and 44 CDs), stored them on an external hard drive, and am now in the process of comparing all songs from the Albums and CDs to determine which Record company they came from. No small task.

It is easy to determine which songs were recorded for most companies but what is confusing is the songs where the first release was on labels like Green Umbrella, K-Tel, Koala, Music For Pleasure, Pickwick, Prima, Reader's Digest, Warwick and Laserlight. The Laserlight CDs state "The AIR Studio Recordings - Premiere Release - Under License from 5 Star Productions - 1992 Delta Music Inc". Does this mean those songs were recorded for the Premier label?
More detailed listening will be required to determine if any of the releases were alternate takes.

What would be really great, would be for someone who has the time and means to do the research at the CM Hall of Fame Library, researching the record companies Billie Jo has recorded for, and Musician Union records (Date of each session, session members, etc.).

The data to put this web site together was gathered from the records and CDs I own, from old Schwann Record catalogs, listings of record albums in price guides, information from Magazines, Journals, Pamphlets and from surfing the web, especially ebay.

After listing all of the information in the computer a sort was done by song title in order to determine if a given song had been recorded by more than one company. For instance '57 Chevrolet was recorded by United Artists then by both Warrick and Music For Pleasure. So when one buys a compilation Record or CD it could be the recording from any of the 3 companies.

The songs on the sorted list were given a number to correspond with each company. If it had been recorded by more than one company it was left blank. Then the list was resorted by Album/CD. If all the songs listed were from United Artists then any blanks for that album were most likely from the UA recordings. Not fail safe, but the most logical conclussion until proven different.

Note: the exact title of a song in the listings may not match what is printed on a record album or CD. For example one might be able to find a song listed as "Look What They've Done To My Song Ma" or "What Have They Done To My Song" or "Look What They've Done To My Song Pa", etc.. In order to maintain consistincy in the lists I have made them all the same title. If you find some I have missed please let me know.

How did I manage to denote the classifications Only release, first release, first time on an album, Only time on an Album?
All of the listings for Albums, CDs and singles were sorted by Name of the Song and by Date. If I only had a date for the year I gave it a date of 1/1/year, if I only had a date for Month and year I gave it the first day of the month.

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